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We heard rumours last week that there was a maintenance release on its way for Lollipop, and now it’s here. Google has just unleashed Android 5.0.1 on the world (or at least, selected Nexus devices) by way of factory image updates for its Nexus 9, Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 10 tablets.

The new build number appears to be LRX22C. Changes in this release are unknown, but we expect to see a changelog become available before too long and there’s certainly a raftload of fixes expected in this release (just ask my Nexus 5). Importantly, Lollipop updates for cellular Nexus 7 variants remain unaccounted for – hopefully it won’t be too long before these see the light of day.

We’ve also seen mention of a build of Android Wear based on Android 5.0.1 from Derek Ross, with a claim that OTA updates would be coming this week. Perhaps we can expect to see updates on our watches in the next few days as well?

Everyone, commence mashing that update button (even though it probably won’t do any good). We’ll add OTA links here as they become available.

Have you received an Android 5.0.1 update? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Nexus Images.
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Shane Stevenson

I’m surprised by the number of problems people are reporting with Lollipop on Nexus 5s. I’ve been luck I guess, I’ve been running 5 for the past week after a fresh OTA install (via WiFi with No SIM) then installing the SIM – on the Telstra Network in Sydney. No battery problems, no wifi problems, no dropped calls. Like any OS I think there is something to be said for wiping and fresh install as opposed to an “upgrade”. Just as well we all have backups… right ?


My Nexus 5 has been working perfectly after an OTA upgrade to Lollipop. Just lucky I guess?

But, backups? That would be the biggest flaw in Android, right? the fact I can’t back up app data without rooting my phone…


Anyone got an easy way to force an update to my Nexus 5. I tried some dodgy instructions from Android Central without luck, tried clearing all data from Google Services app, then reset my phone back to factory to see if that would prompt it. Nothing worked. Surely, there is a simple way to sideload.


did you take the SIM out and then factory reset ? worked for me

Joshua Hill

Can’t be done. Google themselves have confirmed your device checks for updates once a day only. It doesn’t matter how many times you click check for updates.

Darren Ferguson

Clearing all your data from the Google play services app is a really bad idea.

Shane Stevenson

The Telstra SIM seems to tell the phone the update server to use exclusively. As Chris mentioned, if you pull the sim card, do a factory wipe (yes this will delete all data on the phone) then power up the phone, login with your Google account and allow it to start installing apps. It will find the update for 4.4.4, then after a reboot it will find the update for 5.0. Only when it has done the update to 5, do you put the sim card back into the phone. This has worked with 3 different nexus 5 for me… Read more »

Joshua Hill

All with Telstra or some with other Telcos?

Shane Stevenson

I’m only on Telstra. I need to make phone calls, so I left Vodafone, and need the coverage so Optus is out.


Thanks everyone. Pulled my Telstra Sim & factory reset. It worked straight away. Loving the new Lolipop look & feel.

Carsten Bauer

And once again, the Nexus 7 2013 LTE is last 🙁

Alex Gerontzos

I still haven’t received the 5.0 ota for my nexus 2013 WiFi!! *cries*

Paul Walker

I wish they’d hurry up and get Android 5 out for the LTE Nexus 7!

Joshua Hill

I’ve been very disappointed in the performance and bugs of Android 5.0 on my WiFi 2013 N7. At least they may have ironed out the problems by the time it is released for the LTE Nexus Tab’s.

Alex Gerontzos

Hi josh did u get your update through ota? Just wanting to know as I have not got the update.

Joshua Hill

Nope, I used Nexus Root Toolkit to download and flash 5.0.0 with a complete wipe. I manually downloaded 5.0.1 and once again used Nexus Toolkit to flash 5.0.1. but as it was only a minor update and 5.0.0. was already buggy I didn’t bother wiping my data this time.


Anyone know if you can ‘downgrade’ an LTE device to WiFi only? I only got a mobile capable device through a factory return of a WiFi device. I’d be happy if it never had mobile capability.


I have a Nexus 9. I think it’s a great device, but does need some fine-tuning in the software department. Hope 5.0.1 makes its way to the Nexus 9 soon.


This will be an update to the Android 5.0 I got on my nexus 4 last week??

Jason Murray

Yes, this is Android 5.0.1.


I had to fix my friends 4 yesterday. The update was a nightmare. Play kept crashing and nothing would allow it to be uninstalled and then re-installed. there was a loop between administration apps and play that forced a factory reset that lost him heaps of data.
5 has been a really really bad job by Google. I hope this update puts them back on the right track.


On the other, fresh install from fastboot was a breeze.