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Oppo‘s Find 7, N1 Mini and Neo 5 smartphones are now available for purchase from Australian retailer Allphones. It’s the first time Oppo phones have been stocked on any Australian retailers’ shelves, and there are some bonus gifts bundled with the phones ranging from speakers to covers and screen protectors to sweeten the deal.

The Find 7 is retailing for $729 (although we were told $719, that’s the price on Allphones’ site) and comes with a flip cover, screen protector and a 3000 mAh battery. The N1 Mini at $539 has a similar bonus pack, but swaps an “iLike speaker” for the 3000 mAh battery. Finally, the Neo 5 at just $219 comes with two covers – a hard shell and a flip cover – and a screen protector.

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If you’ve been thinking of buying an Oppo phone, you can head on in to an Allphones store and get your hands-on time with the device. Allphones has 71 locations around Australia. The Allphone bundle deals look like better value than Oppo’s own offers, and we’re hoping they’ll adjust their Find 7 price down to be in line with the $719.

Will you try out an Oppo phone from Allphones? Do the bonus bundles sweeten the deal for you? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Allphones.

Jason Murray   Deputy Editor

Jason Murray

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