Someone grab the popcorn, there has been yet another development in the ongoing saga involving Cyanogen Inc. and OnePlus.

It was just yesterday that we saw Steve Kondik (Cyanogen) take to his Google+ page to respond to OnePlus’ statements regarding who developed what in the OnePlus One ROM. At the time he did not respond to OnePlus criticising Cyanogen Inc. regarding their deal with Micromax in India. Today Cyanogen Inc. have continued this tiff in the public domain by responding officially via their blog.

In a post titled “Cyanogen’s Commitment to our Users” Cyanogen Inc. addressed comments by OnePlus that they had effectively blind-sided OnePlus with their apparent exclusivity deal with Micromax:

With that said, we wanted to address a couple points of inaccurate information that have come out over the past week. We had not commented earlier as we believe in treating our partners and users with the utmost respect.
To clarify misinformation out there, the OnePlus One will get OTA firmware updates for all global devices, including global devices for our users in India. Rather than have misinformation continue to circulate out there, we felt it important to bring this matter to rest.

This is good news for all the Indian’s planning on purchasing a OnePlus One through their Amazon store, although to play devil’s advocate, is a OnePlus One sold in India considered a global device? I suspect that if this wasn’t the case and the devices sold in India didn’t see updates then there would be a massive backlash against Cyanogen Inc. and there is no doubt they can see this too. For a new company their reputation is everything so I cannot see them ruining that reputation through semantics.

Of interest is the lack of mention of a future with OnePlus, but rather a commitment to users.

As we look to the future, we want to continue to push the envelope and take the Cyanogen OS to new heights. Our strategic partnership with Micromax and the new YU brand of devices will enable us to bring high quality, amazing experiences to our users in India. Our commitment is and always remains to be a user-centric company, and we will support our users wherever our OS is distributed.

So while it is sad to see all this played out in public it is nice to get clarification regarding the OnePlus and it’s global updates. You never know when it may affect us Australians. Until the next installment in this drama let us know your thoughts regarding the entire fiasco in the comments section below.


Source: Cyanogen Blog.
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The way I understand it the opo phones coming to India don’t have cm in it. Probably color os like the ones bought from oppo.


The ones from Amazon won’t be global, the ones from the OnePlus website will be. Simple.


That’s what I first thought but if that is true it seems a bit disingenuous of them to do that. If this is true then their reputation will definitely take a hit

Phill Edwards

Couldn’t care less really. OnePlus have lurched from one disaster to the next their whole life. This is just another example. I wonder how many more nails they’ll hammer into their own coffin before they finally disappear from view altogether.


I think we need them to survive but I doubt they will without CM involved, at least internationally. The number of Chinese companies putting out phones with similar specs is quite big- you only need to read over gizchina website to realise this. Without CM, OnePlus become just another Chinese manufacturer trying to push their bastardised version of Android, often failing. With OnePlus around it give people an option to buy a high end phone for a relatively cheap price. It’s a pity that they don’t seem to have a decent marketing department to help them but maybe next year.