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The 2015 flagship rumour train has started, with HTC One M9 rumours topping the list. We saw a rumour a couple of days back which listed some specs, but now twitter leaker @upleaks has thrown his 2-cents worth into the mix.

According to @upleaks, the HTC One M9 is known by the code-name Hima and comes with a list of specs, which are sure to delight most smartphone aficionados.

The HTC Hima will come with a Snapdragon 810 processor, which is the major difference in the specs from what we saw previously. The phone will also come with a ‘more manageable’ 5″ display with a still respectable 1080P resolution. As you can see from the specs from @upleaks, there’s still a chance that there will be an UltraPixel camera on-board the HTC One M9 although it could be as a front-facing camera.

As for when we’ll see the next HTC flagship, the HTC One M9 will apparently launch in March. While Mobile World Congress in February will see HTC launching some Desire range handsets.

There’s a few other tidbits in the @upleaks feed as well, with the HTC One Mini range apparently on the chopping block. Though there will also be a lower-end HTC One M9 going by the name HTC One M9 Ace (Hima Ace) which is heading to China.

We look forward to what 2015 has to offer from HTC, from both their Desire and One lines.

Source: @upleaks.
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I want to know if there will be a decent GPE version… with how polished Lollipop and Android are now there is no reason at all to skin it. Include your own apps to customise it that way IMO.


That is precisely what I would love to see ALL the Major Manufacturers, not solely HTC, do with their Android devices running Lollipop.


Very happy with these specs. Hope they’re accurate. Glad HTC have some sense in them to go with 5″ screen and sticking with 1080p. Having used a Note 4 and G3 I don’t see any benefit to going to 1440p. Sucks more battery and requires more horsepower to run. No thanks.

HTC ditching the ultrapixel camera makes sense. They copped a lot of flack for it. 20mp camera should be good.

Sounds like an overall great phone. Sick of this phabket bullshit being pushed in our faces. Even Google jumped on the bandwagon.


Love it. With the N9 crossed off my list as it’s just too large for my useage, this is shaping up as a contender. The next generation of 64 bit Snapdragons with 8 flipping cores, 3GB RAM, 5 inch 1080p screen (not a battery sapping QHD), very large battery considering the “small” screen with “low” resolution – plus HTC’s hopefully beautiful design.

March isn’t that far away.


We have had two different spec leaks in the last 48hrs… basically no one knows yet. Its just all rumour.


HTC planning to call all their new phones as HTC One blah blah? -_-


2840mAh seems a tad low?


That’s actually a massive battery on a phone with a 5inch 1920×1080 screen especially when coupled to the new 810 SoC built on 20nm which sips less juice than outgoing SoC’s.