Google Play 5.1.11

Google Play 5.1.11
Google is currently rolling out a new update to Google Play and along with some new design changes, there’s a few new features to check out as well.

To start with, there’s a brand new My Account page. The My Account page is divided into two card like sections, Payment Methods and Order history. The Payment Methods card lets you easily switch payment methods, including adding new Credit or Debit cards, enable carrier billing if available (Telstra or Optus), Redeem Gift Cards or add PayPal as a payment method. The Order History card gives you an overview of your purchase history from Google Play.

There’s also a new design change, which apparently removes the lovely rotating hamburger menu animation as it draws out the now full-screen slide out menu, but if you look closely the animation is still there, albeit briefly before the drawer covers it. This new slide-out drawer is more consistent with what’s now in place with other apps that have recently been updated.

The new Google Play – version 5.1.11 – is now rolling out, but if you must you can grab the APK from APKMirror and side-load it.

Source: +Kirill Grouchnikov.
Via: Android Police.