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The Moto 360, was supposed to launch on the 30th of October at a variety of retailers. Almost a month and a half later, Motorola has finally added the product page for the Android Wear watch to their website, but for those wanting to buy one, the story is still grim.

The new website, unfortunately makes no mention of the newly announced bands or colour options for the Moto 360. We still expect a steel band version of the Moto 360 to hit Australia early next year for a price of A$359, although when is the major question. We’re still seeing reports from readers attempting to purchase the Moto 360, saying that stores have sold out their initial allocations of the standard Moto 360, and awaiting replenishment of that stock. So whether the launch of the Steel band version will suffer the same fate is a big problem.

Indicative of supply issues for Motorola as a whole, is the fact that the Moto X Gen 2 has also still not surfaced, despite promises that the phone would launch by the end of November. We’re talking to Motorola Australia, but there’s literally nothing else to add to that conversation at this stage. Motorola Australia have no official launch date and with Christmas approaching it seems the Moto X Gen 2, as well as the Motorola built Nexus 6 could see a post Christmas, even new year launch here in Australia – though we hope not.

Motorola makes some great products, but it seems they still have a long way to go when it comes to manufacturing products on a global scale. We hope that 2015 and the move to ownership by global manufacturer Lenovo solves this issue and stock of the Moto 360, with the newly announced band options make it to our stores in the near future.

Source: Motorola.
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got mine from Ebay last weekend on the GoodGuys 20% off sale, it arrived on Wed morning, when I tried to charge it it failed so back to the good guys I went. They had 5 in stock of silver, 4 on hold and I got the last one as a replacement for the faulty one. This was the stores first stock of the product.
The price 260 delivered yet Kogan claims the worlds best price at 360…