Polaroid socialmatic
Almost a year after it was announced at CES 2013 in January, Polaroid has finally gotten around to releasing their Socialmatic Android powered camera.

Originally scheduled to launch in Autumn in the US, the camera was obviously hit with delays, but pre-orders are now under-way on Amazon.com. But before you start planning a Polaroid powered Christmas, the camera won’t ship until the 1st of January next year. There were originally plans to bring the Socialmatic camera to Australia this year, however those plans are most likely now on-hold or post-poned.

The Socialmatic camera, is a 21st century version of the popular Instant Cameras from which Polaroid made their name, offering the ability to printout pictures taken immediately, or at any stage using Zero Ink (ZINK) printing technology. For those not familiar, Zink offers a full colour printing option without the need for ribbons or cartridges, instead using ‘Zink paper’ infused with all the colours you need to print a photo.

The Polaroid Socialmatic camera will run a full-version Android operating system, giving you the ability to download custom apps and even browse the web. Hardware inside the Socialmatic camera includes:

  • 4.5-inch LCD touchscreen
  • 4GB of storage – can be expanded via microSD card to 32GB
  • 14 MP rear facing camera – 2MP front facing
  • Wifi, Bluetooth & GPS
  • Remote Printing Capabilities
  • ZINK Zero Ink printing technology
  • 2″x3″ Zink Instant Filters feature a sticky back for easy posting on most surfaces
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

The only issue I can see to the Socialmatic is the price, which is based at US$299.99 (about $361 Australian). However if you are still interested in pre-ordering the Polaroid Socailmatic Camera, you can head over to the Amazon page to reserve yours.

Source: Amazon.
Via: Polaroid.
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    Any indication on price of the ZINK film?


    Thanks for the update, Alex. Went hunting to see if I could find out what version of Android will be on the device, and this is what I turned up. Digital Photography Review has had a pre-release teaser review of the device up on their site since mid September. It looks like Polaroid have done is install KitKat on the device. One of the review pics gives a look at a homescreen on it, and the device has a KK style transparent notification bar at the top of the screen. Pre-release teaser review on DPReview: Polaroid Socialmatic combines camera, printer… Read more »