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Making good on its promise to work with other content providers after its Spotify Premium deal was announced, Vodafone announced today that it’s adding mobile subscriptions to the Sydney Morning Herald or The Age to its offers for customers on its Red plans.

New and upgrading Vodafone Red customers can get 6 months free on the $70 Red plan, 12 months free on an $80 Red plan and 24 months on the $100 Red plan (unless you’re on a 12 month contract, in which case you only get 12 months). The mobile subscription allows customers to read an unlimited number of articles on the web, and gives access to Today’s Paper, a digital replica of the daily print newspaper.

It’s good to see Vodafone add some choices to its content offering on their Red plans. While the Spotify Premium deal is great if you’re in Spotify’s ecosystem, free access to a music streaming service isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and those people might find some value in this deal instead. We’re looking forward to see where this goes next.

You should also remember that your subscription to Ausdroid is always free, no matter which carrier you use 😉

What do you think of this new Red deal? Would you take an SMH, Age or Spotify Premium subscription?