Motorola have announced that the new Moto X will be available in selected retailers from 15 December 2014. Given the delays we’ve seen on other Motorola products reaching shelves this year, we’ll believe that when we see it, but at least we’ve got something a little bit more concrete than “soon”.

Although there’s a 32GB model available elsewhere, Australia will only receive the 16GB version of the Moto X, which will be available in black resin finish, or a wood finish back panel, will enter the market at $749 for the black resin version, and $789 for the wood finish.

We’ve asked Motorola to confirm which selected retailers will actually be carrying the Moto X come next week, but if the last version is anything to go by, then retailers like JB HiFi and The Good Guys seem like likely candidates. One thing we do know is the Moto X won’t be available via carriers, so an outright purchase will be the only option.

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Just picked up the black 16GB Moto X from Harvey Norman for $699 (I had vouchers) and so far so good after having a Nexus 4 which is way past its used by date. Lollipop was available as soon I booted the device, so the best thing to do is to install that then do a factory reset to take advantage of the Lollipop “Tap & Go” transfer of all apps (but make sure you’re on wi-fi), and then Motorola migrate to transfer contacts, message history etc. Will be looking to pick up a turbo charger soon, will see how… Read more »

TheBagging Man

Just got an Email from Motorola saying my MotoMaker order had been cancelled. Went on live chat with support staff and I get the impression they know I am not in the States. Anyone else experienced this?


any update guys? its the 18th now?

Nicholas Hubert

My brother bought one on tuesday from the good guys.

TheBagging Man

Motorola currently has $100 discount on purchases above $500 till December 23

TheBagging Man

Just purchased a 32gb pure version from moto maker with bamboo back for 475usd shipped for free to my shop mate address. Will work out to roughly 630aud! Should have it by early January. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get it


I contacted Motorola today and they advised me that there will be a
“relaunch” of the Moto X (2014) but no further details, a press release
went out yesterday regarding this. Seems a bit strange since they are
already available at Good Guys. Also found that there is a Motorola X
(2014) Australia website, if you google it, but it is not linked to
their website yet.


Also the Good guys ebay store is having 10% off if you buy on ebay and collect it instore. SO thats around $630. Not too bad.

Nicholas Hubert

Nunnawading and Thomastown have stock if you are keen.

Anika Harrington

I can’t post any links, but THE GOOD GUYS HAVE STOCK. Go to The Good Guys website and search for Moto X and you shall find it. At least in Melbourne. I ordered mine from Clove yesterday, kicking myself. Saved $10 though.

TheBagging Man

What colour did you get? Any option for wooden back?

TheBagging Man

Yeah tried JB HiFi just now and they don’t have any idea when they will get it in! Very tempted to get 32gb version from Moto maker for same price! Just worried that Shop Mate won’t send because of the battery!


The 15 th has come and gone and still no Australian outlets have the moto x for sale. Even more disturbing is that mobicity and kogan haven’t got the phone for sale. I remember buying a galaxy note from mobicity 2 full months before the phone was released here in Australia. What’s going on Motorola. Do you want to sell your phone or not. At this rate, the phone won’t be here in time for Xmas. I’m so sick of waiting that I might not even buy the phone anymore especially considering we’re only getting the 16gb version but I’m… Read more »

TheBagging Man

Any word on availability yet?

Thomas Mott

I was sick and tired of the game that Motorola was playing so i ordered it from the USA using the cyber-monday deal. I bought the 32 gigabyte version with customisations on motomaker with a total cost of only $640 (including shipping)


If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get it shipped down here? I’m considering using a shipping forwarding company, but now that Auspost have their own service I’m not sure what I should use. My poor M8 recently had an encounter with a time from which it didn’t recover and even though the Moto doesn’t have as much support here, the software is really very appealing.


Don’t use AusPost’s ShopMate – search on whirlpool and you’ll see how crappy and expensive it is.


Did you get the GPE or AT&T version? What form of payment did they accept & which freight forwarder did you use? Cheers

TheBagging Man

I tried Shop Mate and they have cancelled my order because they suspect i used a freight forwarder. Who did you use?


I just got my Moto X from the states, I got a wood 32GB model and with shipping it all came to AUD800 which was little more than I wanted to pay. But now that the price for the Australian model has jumped from under 700 to nearly 800 just for the 16GB model, I have no regrets. Definitely would recommend getting it from the states instead


How did you manage to get the 32gb I just went through checkout and there’s only the 16gb option??

TheBagging Man

Which freight forwarding company did you use? I tried shop mate and they cancelled my order.

Harrison Pace

Thankfully I got mine from the states but still really disappointing by Motorola ignoring this market.

TheBagging Man

Which freight forwarding company did you use? I tried shop mate and when I woke up in the morning my order was cancelled

Harrison Pace

I bought mine from eBay mate for $450 USD. It is really hard to get it send by Motorola has they will not allow shipping forwarders and most Aussie Credit Cards.

TheBagging Man

Cheers just brought 32gb Pure Edition from ebay, Guy is going to do Moto Maker for me. Works out to be $820 delivered. Little expensive but Im over waiting.
Thanks Again

Harrison Pace

It’s a good phone so well worth picking up, a shame about price and very disappointing that Motorola has very bad international support :/ Anyway enjoy it mate 🙂


what a joke motorola 16Gb without SD card support is pointless for a flagship phone stop wasting peoples time.



Jamie Saltmarsh

I’m sorry, but as far as I’m concerned, Motorola can take their Moto X and shove it! I’m sick of being treated like a second class citizen just because I live in Australia. I’ll be purchasing a Xperia z3 instead.


Moto X has disappeared from Harvey Norman’s site 🙁


How is it a BadThing to see a device being removed from a dealers site known for putting their own rip off premiums on top of the manufacturers Australia Tax rip off RRP ?


We get to pay about $200 more than the US price and we don’t get the MotoMaker with our 16GB, and our 16GB is about $120 more than the fully customizable 32GB US version.
Does something look like a rip off here?


so what? moto decides to make the price tag so high to let JB and GG ‘s price sound reasonable, after such a long delay?