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Back in March, Google rolled out several high-quality voice add-ons in their version 3.0 update, but Google has now removed these additions advising they’re no longer needed.

According to the What’s New comments on the Google Play store entry for Text-To-Speech, Google advises :

Improved quality: our standard quality voices now surpass the quality of the high quality voices from our previous release

This is a boon for people with smaller on-board storage, with the higher quality voices often clocking in at over 250MB in size, compared to the smaller sized voice files for the standard voices, which clock in around 5-7MB.

If you’ve not been using Text-To-Speech for reading back Google Play Books, having translations read back to you or utilising any number of apps which use Talkback, then this update won’t mean terribly much. Still, if you’re interested you can grab it from Google Play now and see what you think.

Speech Services by Google
Speech Services by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
Via: AndroidPolice.
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Adrian Trimarchi

Might have to see how it compares to svox and Victoria UK voice


I’ve been using that same combo on all my devices since mid 2012, Adrian.

Adrian Trimarchi

I’m having a problem using it on the updated maps. Reverting to the generic US google voice even though svox is the only active engine I have