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Motorola was apparently supposed to finish rolling out the Android Wear 5.0.1 update to their watches yesterday, however as we saw in comments on our post yesterday, not everyone has received the update yet – and there’s a reason for that. Apparently Motorola has begun pushing a second build of Android Wear 5.0.1 – build version LWX48T – to Moto 360’s.

Motorola has removed the initial 15th of December date as the final date for the rollout, instead now advising users ‘All Moto 360 users should receive the update by the end of this week’. So if you haven’t received your update on your Moto 360 as yet, don’t worry. Let us know in the comments when you receive your update on your Moto 360.

Source: Motorola Support.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Simon Adam

I got mine last night
I unpaired the watch from my phone via Bluetooth settings
Cleared the cache for both android wear app and the moto app then deleted both
Then rebooted the phone and reinstalled android wear then reconnected the watch and the update came thru
I like the update so far

Tim Williams

Got nothing. Still on 4.4, restart and reset.

Nick Fletcher

Yep nothing here either, I had to factory reset my watch when I upgraded my phone’s ROM and it didn’t help.
I wonder what the change log of this second build is..

Simon Adam

Still no update here
Purchased from good guys Townsville
Doing resets doesn’t help its just a matter of waiting for moto to push it out
I’m in no rush for it my watch runs great as is

Jarryd Howard

if you do a factory restart on your moto 360 you should be able to get the download


if you do a factory restart you should be able to get the download


Since the latest update, I can’t take a moto360 through the app anymore, option is missing. Also my G3 updated to Lollipop last night, unless that’s it.


My head hurts…

ie. Can someone decipher the above for me?


Sorry, I don’t understand that language either