Twitter has been focusing quite a bit on its mainstream appeal over the last couple of years, which hasn’t helped when they have ignored aspects of its platform that sorely need some updating.

However the company is looking to change things by partnering with Foursquare to utilise its treasure trove of location data, to add some much-needed context to your Twitter posts, according to Business Insider.

While you can manually add where you’re tweeting from, this data doesn’t yet serve much of a purpose. Under this new agreement, if it is true, when you tweet about visiting a new city or restaurant, you could automatically get some recommendations of other places to visit, or some tips on what’s hot on the menu. This could potentially stop the need to open Foursquare or Swarm whilst using Twitter on your device.

Neither company is confirming the partnership just yet, however experts are already voicing their support for the move. At a recent analyst event, Twitter noted a few ways better location data could improve its service by showing contextually relevant information to new users. This might convince them to open up the Twitter app again, or more often.

Analysts are also stating this partnership would be beneficial for Foursquare which has basically spent the past couple years treading water. This could be a good move for Foursquare, which has been looking beyond the check-in side of things and instead is focusing on using its location smarts to help you find interesting places and events.

We will have to see what and if both companies do announce the partnership sometime next year, but it would be interesting to see how this will work for both companies and their respectful apps from a users perspective.

Source: Business Insider.
Via: Engadget.