The quick flurry of Nexus 6 purchases at retail on Thursday brought one previously unknown fact into the light, the fact that the phones were shipping without the much vaunted Turbo Charger.

The Motorola Turbo Charger offers ‘up to 8 more hours of battery life’ on just ’15 minutes of charging’ on the latest Motorola phones using the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology built into the chipset. It’s a pretty nifty idea in this day and age of power hungry phones and new Nexus 6 owners who purchased the Nexus 6 from JB Hifi yesterday (and The Good Guys today), were soon finding that they would have to use a redemption system to access their Turbo Charger.

We asked Motorola about the redemption offer, when customers would receive their Turbo Charger as well as whether this would affect Nexus 6 orders from Google Play.

A Motorola spokesperson advised that the delay is due to the different electrical standards here in Australia. Due to these standards the Turbo Charger which was built for the global market is not suitable for our needs. The Turbo Charger being offered via redemption has had to be designed from the ground up for our market and it’s this version that will be sent out to Nexus 6 owners. The updated Turbo Charger will be the same Voltage/Amperage output as the international version and hence deliver the same results.

While we’ve already seen the redemption offer for the Turbo Charger on retail units of the Nexus 6, Motorola has confirmed that this will also affect stock of the Nexus 6 being ordered and delivered from Google Play as well.

Motorola Australia is working to get the Turbo Charger delivered to customers as soon as possible, with stock due to be delivered out around the middle of Q1 2015.

So, while you will still have to redeem your charger, it will arrive as soon as Motorola can physically manufacture and send it. Until then you should probably use the official charger, although at 850mA it’s going to be a slow process to charge that massive 3200mAh battery.

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Marat Levit

@Daniel do you know where to redeem the charger once it’s available?

Daniel Tyson

Marat – inside the box is a red packet filled with documents – there’s a slip in there with a 1800 number to call and redeem your charger – they will send it to you when it’s ready.

Marat Levit

Thanks Daniel. I just bought mine today and found that slip 🙂


The Motorola Droid Turbo Android Smartphone is a great phone. It has almost everything that I could want in a smartphone including a fast processor, great display, great camera, active display, long battery life and Qi wireless charging.

Daniel Tyson

except Australian availability.


I’m curious, what’s the special requirements for Aussie ?

marcus kenny

This phone is incredible. I don’t give a damn about the fact that I do not have this charger yet. The battery gets through my day with ease, and my Galaxy s4 was always a struggle.

Andrew Palozzo

Since it’s such a small power charger that comes with the 6, would it be faster to charge in a 2a charger?

Andrew Palozzo

How do we redeem the quick charger? I pick up my n6 Thursday from jb and didn’t get any details about a redemption offer.


There’s a red card in the box with the details. You didn’t get a red card?

Andrew Palozzo

Actually maybe.. I thought it was instructions and didn’t bother to read. Will check again when u get home… Thanks


Just got mine from Yatango and no red card in the box, no reference to turbo charger anywhere. Can anybody post some info – a link would do – to help us out?

Daniel Tyson

Wayno – inside the box is a red packet filled with documents – there’s a slip in there with a 1800 number to call and redeem your charger – they will send it to you when it’s ready.


Thanks Daniel. You were right. Somebody had said ‘red card’ and I got blinkered looking for one!

Daniel Tyson

Awesome news 🙂


Hmm, I got the 64GB from Yatango too and noticed my phone charged from 20% to 100% in around 15-30 minutes. Does the Motorola charger we received, with the Australian converter adaptor, mean we’re actually already quick charging? We didn’t receive Australian stock from them. I can’t imagine it going any faster than that, I basically did a full charge in 20 minutes.


Sounds a bit odd to be honest. Supposedly they are shipping to Aus with the turbo charger now but even with that it should take more than 20 minutes for a full charge. Mine takes ages to get from empty to full.


Confirmed, my Nexus 6 charges REALLY fast. 06:20 – Plugged phone in at 15% battery. 0650: Phone was at 75%. 0750: Forgot to check earlier, decided to look at phone again, 100% battery. It was probably finished at around 0730, so took about 60-90mins to charge from 15% to 100%. Fairly sure the charger I got from Yatango is already the Moto turbo charger. :O


Some of smarts for the Quick Charge are in the Snapdragon chip in the phone/tablet. The Snapdragon 801 and above support Quick Charge 2.0, plus the Snapdragon 400. The charger has to be 9V and around 2A for Quick Charging, then it kicks down to 5V 2A for the final bit of charging.

Luckily, the Adaptive Fast Charger for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 supports Quick Charge 2.0 (it’s 9V 1.67A and 5V 2A). I’ve found them on Ebay for A$22.90 + A$6.50 for delivery to Australia from South Korea. These come with a slim Australian adapter.

Paul Grenfell

No matter, have generic 2amp chargers on hand. Can buy them anywhere.

Adam Ephraums

I am currently using the 1.8A adapter that came with my Nexus Wireless Charger. Works an absolute treat as makeshift turbo charger for my nexus 5 and 6.


The nexus 6 sold at jbhifi unlocked phone or with some carrier? Thanks.

Adam Ephraums

unlocked mate


Thanks mate.

Palo Verde

This shows Motorola was never interested in the Australian market, treating the Australian customers with utter contempt leaving the most useful feature for others but Australia to enjoy. Let’s support Apple!!!!


“No half-full cups” because Apple gives NO ONE a turbo charger. This is very new tech, and unfortunately, it is VERY hard to manufacture electrical equipment that meets every standard in the world. The fact is that Australia is a smaller market, so something has to give. I think Motorola is doing an outstanding job by including these vouchers. It shows that they ARE committed to giving Australia the same product as the rest of the world, however they simply require more time. Would you rather this product have been delayed worldwide just so that Australia could have turbo chargers… Read more »


ummm, note 4 has the same charging tech. Infact, you can use that charger to fast charge the nexus 6.

I’d pin it down to an over site.


I’d not call it an oversight, Manya.
I’d call it Moto not giving a toss about wanting to do things properly in Australia in the first place.

Recall the ‘consumer laws documentation’ delay they had recently.
That we are actively denied Moto Maker, despite their moving it to China.
The delays in the 360 and X being made available at all here.

The overall picture is one of a US-centric mob who don’t give a toss about wanting to do the RightThing here in Australia.


I seem to recall a certain 4G iPad that came out that didn’t actually give you 4G in Australia. Retailers had to put up disclaimers stating that the speeds being offered by Apple didn’t actually work. No wonder they’re the richest company, cause they have idiots to buy up their products even when they don’t work.


Bahahaha. Oh Motorola! You can’t even produce a damn charger?!