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Dominos pizza has been at the forefront when it comes to giving users better ways to order pizza, their Android app beat every other supplier to market and their Pizza Tracker is a nifty innovation in and of itself. Now you can track your pizza delivery on your Chromecast and on Android Wear.

In the latest version of the Dominos app, which has just slid into Google Play, the Pizza Tracker can now take pride of place on your TV as soon as you order your pizza. While it may seem a trivial update, it’s a pretty cool innovation if you’re hosting a party, now everyone will be able to tell where the Pizza order is. Of course you can keep it a little more private and just check out the card that now shows up on your Android Wear watch.

Dominos app What’s New changelog shows :

1) Minor Bug Fixes
2) Speed improvements
3) Support for Chromecast
4) Android Wear smart watch notifications

Upon launching the app, you now see the Chromecast icon in the top right hand corner and when you finally choose which pizza you order it will now show up on your Chromecast once you select it. The Pizza Tracker card also shows up on your paired Android Wear device as well. Not bad Dominos.

Dominos is always looking for new, cool stuff to do which will help them get their orders to your door, fast, fresh and on-time. This includes utilising Google Glass to streamline their processes. If you’re in the Rockdale area in Queensland, you can probably see Google Glass in action if you drop past a store. For now, the rest of us will simply have to settle for ordering and watching our pizza tracker on our watch or TV.

Price: To be announced
Source: Google Play.
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    It’s really good to see major companies move with the times quickly. It’s just a shame that the Domino’s Offers app doesn’t work on Android 5.


    I just used it tonight on my 5.0.1 nexus 5


    Well I wonder why it worked on KitKat, but doesn’t work on Lollipop for me. I am talking about the Domino’s Offers app – not the above Domino’s app.


    I think you have the suburb wrong, Dan.
    Rockdale is a suburb of Sydney. It’s a couple of suburbs west of Sydney airport.
    Did you mean Rochdale in Brisbane?

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Isn’t it Rochedale?


    Yeah, it is.
    I typed the reply on my Aldi tablet using SwiftKey, and because the SwiftKey Australian dictionary is not pre-loaded with Australian place names, when it saw ‘Rochdale’ as a typo, I just ignored that, because I knew that the dictionary has no place name spellings.

    *mutter grumble