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RWY by OzRunways

OzRunways, author of one of the most popular Australian electronic flight bag apps for iOS, has released their long-awaited Android version on Google Play, named RWY by OzRunways.

RWY is approved by CASA under the relevant Civil Aviation Regulations for use as an electronic flight bag in operations, and should be able to handily service the majority of your aviation needs. Currently, RWY offers the following features:

  • Flight planning using aerodromes, waypoints and navaids
  • Get weather briefings and NOTAMs
  • Navigate with the full set of Airservices Australia maps, ERSA, DAPs and AIP

Future improvements are already planned, including:

  • Custom waypoints
  • Submit flight notifications
  • Terrain and airspace warnings
  • Fly or taxi geo-referenced charts

Of course, as all pilots should be aware, paper backups of aeronautical charts and documents should be carried at all times when flying with an EFB to guard against potential device failure in-flight.

RWY comes with a free 30-day trial subscription, which can then be renewed on an annual basis. The annual subscriptions are broken down into various categories (VFR, IFR, etc.) so that you don’t have to pay for more than what you need.

If you’re an Android-loving aviator in need of an approved EFB solution, check out RWY on the Play Store.

RWY by OzRunways
RWY by OzRunways
Price: Free
Source: OzRunways.
Thanks: Carsten.

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Tom Courtney
Tom Courtney

Not a fully functioning program and of limited use when I tried it. Uninstalled it. Now can’t instal it again as second instal is barred. I suspect it has not been improved since first release.

Bas Scheffers
Bas Scheffers

Hi Matthew, thanks so much for posting this!

I would like to clarify one thing: paper backup is not required by law, in fact, for private operations, no backup is required at all, although of course we wouldn’t recommend going cross country with only one device! Commercial operations do require backup, but that may be in the form of a second tablet.

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