Those people who’ve switched on the Auto-backup feature in Google+ will have all experienced Auto-Awesome photos, and they’re by and large fairly impressive. Now Google has turned their efforts towards Auto-Awesoming videos as well.

To start with the option is geared at auto-awesome, with Google checking videos uploaded to Google+ for picture and audio quality and where possible, offering to make improvements. If Google sees it can improve your video, it will show a side-by-side comparison before continuing. Improvements will take the form of better lighting, colour and stability, with improved speech quality coming soon. Google employee Tim St. Clair who made the announcement on Google+ shared this video showing off the improvements

Auto-Awesome video will be available to those people who have turned Auto Enhance on in settings. But, you can also choose to auto-awesome videos in your Photos app on Android as well by opening a video and then tapping the overflow menu, and then tapping ‘Auto Enhance’.

Not bad Google, try it out now and see what you think.

Source: +Tim St Clair.