Ok, you’ve got a new Android tablet, phone (Nexus Player maybe?) and you want some games or apps to try out. We’ve rounded up as many sales and deals as we can find for you. Grab them while they’re hot. If you’re interested in finding on-going deals on games and apps on a regular basis, we did a how-to on that a while back which you may find interesting.

Amazon is currently giving away over $220 worth of apps and games on their app store. If you’re after a bargain (Plex is definitely worth grabbing), then install the Amazon App store and grab yourself a bargain.

The Humble Bundle, in partnership with Noodle Cake studio has a great deal going at the moment which gets you up to nine games for just US$8. Definitely worth checking out, though you do have to side-load their app as the best way to install your games.

Now, if you want to stick to Google Play, and as it’s probably the safest place to grab apps and games from, then you can check out these app and game sales below. Note: Google has put a number of these up in an App Focus on Google Play:

Games :

Bonus: Developer Square Enix games has put a heap of their games on-sale, including a number of Final Fantasy games.

Apps :

Asteroids Pack$0.99
Christmas Tree 3D $0.99
Cinema FV5 recording app $2.99
Galaxy Pack$0.99
Moon+ Reader Pro $3
My 3D Fish II $0.99
Planets Pack $0.99
PlayerPro Music Player $2.25
Solid Explorer Unlocker $1.11 (IAP)
Safe In Cloud Password manager $4.99
Space Colony $0.99
System Monitor$1.99
Tornado 3D $0.99
Touch Calendar $1.25

Needless to say – Google Play has over 1.4 Million titles in it. If you find an app or game on-sale and it’s not on this list – let us know in the comments.