Nexus 6 Hero
Motorola has finally brought stocks of the Nexus 6 into the country, with The Good Guys and JB Hifi now selling the handsets in stores across Australia. As part of the launch, they’ve also added the handset to their Australian website.

While the 32GB Midnight Blue model of the handset seems to be fairly readily available, the Cloud White and 64GB model in both colours are nowhere to be seen with distributors advising that they have no ETA for stock. Motorola though when we asked advised they are unaware of any issues with distribution and is further advising on their site that :

Currently available in Midnight Blue only.
Will soon be available in White.

The full specs of the phone are available on the Motorola site, with the specs marrying up with those available on Google Play, although with the now familiar addition of ‘Water Resistance’

There’s also no mention of any issues surrounding supply of the Turbo Charger, which we now know is only available via redemption – with chargers expected to hit customers in mid Q1 next year. There’s also no option to purchase a Turbo Charger on their accessory page, with the only charger listed – P333 Micro USB Travel Charger – showing as ‘Out of Stock’.

You can check the phone out on their website now, or head into The Good Guys or JB Hifi to pick one up today.

Source: Motorola Australia.
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Dennis Bareis

JB/Good Guys only have 32GB models and all staff I have spoken to think it has expandable storage, maybe thats why they don’t have the 64GB version 🙁

They won’t order them in for me either!

Getting sick of “coming soon”…


Any news on carrier availability?


Ah yes. Coming soon. Just like it has been ‘coming soon’ on the Google Play site for about 6 weeks now 🙁

Dennis Bareis

Anyone at all seen the 64gb version?

Daniel Tyson

Not yet. No eta according to the Australian distributor


$888 on the JB website for what launched nearly 7 weeks back in the US for $649.
Can we say ‘Here’s another Australia Tax rip off!’ ?


The US advertise their prices before sales tax (which differs in each state).

649USD is currently roughly 800AUD, add GST and it’s about the same.


Jeni the “australia tax” bullshit from small minded people is dull and boring. Stop it again with the negative crap.


It sucks but isn’t it the same for all phones?

TheBagging Man

$649USD is $799AUD which isn’t so bad.



$649 USD is $799 and also the US price does not include sales tax which varies from state to state whereas our price includes 10% GST. Sales tax is added at checkout in the US.

The price is actually ok when compared, but is high overall for a Nexus phone, but that’s obviously the direction Google has chosen to go in. I’m sticking to my Nexus 4 for another year it seems, as the Lollipop update has made it feel like a brand new phone!