Google Play - New Year
With Christmas now sliding into the past, we’re all hopefully getting to grips with our newly acquired Android (or Chrome) based gifts. Be it a new phone, tablet or watch, Google has a new app or accessory to suit.

Google has set up their ‘New Year, New You’ focus to show you some new apps for your to try out and help you get your New Year underway in a healthy way, as well as some new accessories to protect your new device. The Nexus 6 Naked Tough Case, or Stand Folio Case, as well as the Nexus 9 Magic cover have the hardware covered, but app wise, it’s all about the sport and the funky new watch faces they launched with the latest Android Wear update.

Head on over to Google Play to see what Google wants you to check out, and chime in below with your picks for ways to get a healthy new you for 2015.

Source: Google Play.
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New hardware? How about you get the fricken Nexus 6 delivered here Google?


It’s hilarious that Apple hasn’t released their smart watch yet. How long has android wear been available now? 18 months?

Caleb Johns

Since march. so about half that lol.


“Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.We’re working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.”

Oh well what’s new

Daniel Tyson

That’s a little strange?!


Not really. That’s normal. Something is obviously wrong since it works for the rest of us.. but as for the Devices part – that seems normal. The devices page has never been available in Australia.. only USA and maybe UK? When I initially clicked through last night I didn’t expect it to load but it did. ***devices*** /colle… in the US you can buy phones from Google Play the app but we don’t even have the tab. Maybe he did this on phone and it didn’t open the web site? My phone used Google Play but then opened the… Read more »


Were you on mobile? Did it open in Play or Chrome?