Qualcomm Snapdragon logo
The power behind most of the mobile devices on the market today: Qualcomm, is winding up for a big CES, with a tease this morning for a new Snapdragon 800 powered device to be shown off in Vegas when it kicks off next week.

In a tweet this morning, Qualcomm has shown a device that will be packing a Snapdragon processor:

As you can see, the most prominent part of the picture is what appear to be the rear mounted volume rocker, with a power button in the centre; a setup we’ve seen on a number of LG phones recently. With the current flagship, the LG G3 currently only halfway through it’s yearly cycle, the obvious contender would be the flexible body/screened G Flex series which launched late last year. The skin on the rear of the phone also looks similar to the ‘self-healing’ back of the original G Flex as well.

CES kicks off next week, so we’ll surely find out exactly what this is in due course.

Source: @Qualcomm.