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HTC has traditionally not done much at CES, but this year it appears that HTC desires some of that consumer electronics love, and there’s going to be some sort of announcement from the Taiwanese smartphone maker at CES 2015.

HTC has used Chinese social media site Weibo to tease a CES announcement on January 6th, using the tag line ‘Always Desire more’, to tease the announcement, but apart from that there’s not much information.
HTC Always Desire More - CES 2015 teaser

This year we saw a massive resurgence in the HTC Desire range, often at times overshadowing the One series. The Desire phones we checked out were fairly uniformly decent handsets with a couple impressing on quite a few levels, so a new higher end HTC Desire would not be unwelcome.

HTC has also stepped into another area with the RE camera, so perhaps we may see something Desire branded in that realm? CES Kicks off next week so we won’t have long to find out.

What do you think will be announced?

Source: HTC Weibo.
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It would be a good idea announcing a new One M8 successor earlier on in the year, as this will give them a few months breathing space until Samsung announce their flagship. HTC releasing their flagship around the same time as Samsung announce the galaxy S (around March/April) is a dumb idea, as there is too much noise.