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Telstra’s New Years app, which launched last month was tied in with Google’s Cardboard virtual reality platform, with a limited offer shipping Cardboard headsets out to people lucky enough to get in early. This morning, Telstra has updated the app, with a 360° video of the Sydney New Years Fireworks display taken from a drone which you can view with your Cardboard headset – or without.

The fireworks from a drone video idea, was taken from a viral video which spread in May last year, and the City of Sydney and Telstra embraced the idea and took it a step further teaming up with the team at aerial cinematography company Rotorworks, to capture and share video you can view on your Cardboard headset.

You can see the video in all its 360° glory in the Telstra New Years Eve app from Google Play, a simple toggle on the video lets you select to enter ‘Cardboard mode’ which splits the video into two stereoscopic feeds, which when viewed through Cardboard gives a brilliant virtual look at the fireworks.

It’s quite an innovative use of the Cardboard platform and shows potential for further outings. Stay tuned, we’ll hopefully see more of this in the future.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Google Play.
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The drone or one of them flew over our heads in Sydney Park and then up into restricted air space it seemed.