Blue Link Smartwatch
Android Wear is currently leading the smartwatch market at the moment, and the adoption rate from developers and manufacturers for apps compatible with the platform has been stunning. Car manufacturers too are apparently taking note, with Hyundai today announcing their Blue Link Android Wear app for their first and second generation Blue Link equipped Hyundai cars.

The Android app, which includes support for Android Wear, will be available for free in Google Play. Hyundai owners with compatible vehicles will be able to interact with their vehicles using voice actions or by tapping on their phone or watch to issue commands such as ‘Start my car’, ‘Lock/Unlock my car’, or even ‘Find my car’. Other functions available through tapping or voice controls include :

  • Remote Flash Lights / Honk Horn
  • Call Roadside
  • Call Blue Link

Hyundai Blue Link Smartwatch App
The Blue Link app, and it’s associated functionality appear to be heading only for the US at this stage, and will be shown off during CES next week, but with Hyundai a top performer here in Australia, it shouldn’t take long for the functions to head here.

Source: Hyundai.
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    That’s pretty cool. Fire up the car and get the aircon running while you finish your brekky, then step into cool for the trip to work. I like it.


    This is super cool!


    That’s some James Bond shiz right there.