G Flex 2
Every so often, a company brings out a new technology which can enhance, as well as further mobile phone technology, and in 2013, LG did just that with the LG G Flex. Combining a flexible Plastic O-LED screen with a self-healing material on the rear, the G Flex was actually quite a different device, and it was also quite a good phone. Now we’re about to get a sequel, with LG advertising the G Flex 2 at CES in Las Vegas.

LG hasn’t announced the phone yet, but from the looks of the sign that the Verge team found in a corridor in a Las Vegas hotel, it seems it’s certain we’re going to see it.
LG G Flex 2

What specs the phone will have isn’t yet known, but given LG’s close relationship with Qualcomm over the last few years for their G Series phones, we expect a Snapdragon core inside. Given the name the phone will almost certainly be flexible, and we hope to see the return of the groovy self-healing back. From the looks of the lock-screen, we’ll also be seeing QuickCircle style cases.

Stay tuned guys, CES is shaping up to be awesome.

Source: Verge.
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vijay alapati

All i need is a GPE version….please