Google Music All Access is a great streaming service, it competes quite well nose to nose with the big names like Spotify (paid service), MOG and JB Hifi’s own service. As they do on a semi-regular basis; Google are currently offering 60 days free trial on their paid service for new users, which means if you’re already paying for the service or have taken up a free trial in the past you cannot claim this one. If you would like to try Play Music All Access to start the year out, you can claim through the Play Music App or via the Play Music web interface.

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While the service is primarily setup for either mobile device or web interface, we have reviewed a couple of really nifty apps for Windows and Mac in the past which are still worth a look if you’ve yet to try them out.

There are some great services out there and its worth checking out all of them to find the one that suits you best, so if you haven’t yet tried it; Give All Access a go.

What’s your best experience been with a streaming music service?

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    I subscribed and got in at the $9.99 price point when it was new. And though I don’t listen to it all the time, I do get my money’s worth I feel. Very good service. And being and to take stuff offline is really handy too.


    Same offer as when I subscribed, the August 2013 offer.
    I get my money’s worth from it, from the streaming, and from what that turns up that I want to buy.
    I just wish Google would put some effort into making a properly usable GPM ul/dl app. Having to dl my entire library because 1 track on 1 album failed to dl… GRRRRRR!


    Need to have a paid for service that’s much cheaper than the existing $12 a month. Maybe $3 for 7 days access a month, or maybe just make the cost cheaper since at the moment its impossible t justify for the little it practically gets used.


    Fred, why can’t you make use of it?

    Peter Massey

    Been meaning to try this out versus Spotify for a while, what better with 60d instead of 30!

    Spotify’s attitude to the Google ecosystem really peeves me off and would love to ditch them.


    Use the offer, Peter, GPAA is great.
    I subscribed to it as soon it was available for Australians. Money well spent.


    I keep swapping between this and Spotify. GPAA works better with my Sonos but I love the Triple J playlists on Spotify.


    Thanks for the information.


    I still got the offer even though I already was a paid user before.


    Or you could just setup another gmail another account. I do all the time