As more and more people start to use advanced smartphones they are going to consume more and more data. Unfortunately we have very rarely seen any providers offer data increases in acknowledgement of the way people use their devices. With data allowances decreasing in recent years it is difficult to get full value out of your smartphone.

Optus are showing that they are listening to users and today has announced a 1GB bonus data for all new SIM-only plans, in a promotion running from the 5th of January until April 6th. The bonus data is for the life of the plan and is also available for existing customers who change to an equivalent or higher value SIM-only plan. The bonus data brings the data allowances to 1.5GB for the $30 plan, 3GB for the $45 plan and 6GB for the $60 plan.

Optus are attempting to cash in on the large number of users who either purchased or was given a mobile phone looking for a different plan or way to use their new mobile. The SIM-only plans offer:

More value: get an extra 1GB per month on all SIM Only plans
No lock-in contracts: all the freedom of a month-to-month plan
Data sharing: share your mobile plan’s data with up to five mobile devices with no ongoing fees
No huge excess fees: automatically get extra data for just $10 per extra 1GB

With January through April prime time for new phone plans, it’s a good time for Optus to begin chasing customers who prefer the SIM-only options for their plan.

For those looking for a decent plan or are already on a SIM only plan this is a welcome bonus. Are you one of those? Let us know your thoughts on data allowances in the comments below.

Source: Optus.
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Finally got my existing prepaid credit on Optus, down to a point where I could look at changing plans, so I would be permitted to access 4G on my LG G3. Whilst the plans seem ok for phonecalls, they are useless for data, as the old 3G 365 Long Expiry, allowed users to buy data, 3Gb for $10 with 30 days expiry with rollover. As I learned after I changed to one of these new plans, they have no facility at all for victims stuck on them, to buy a usable amount of data. So on Optus prepaid, you have… Read more »


Unused data quota rolls over to next month?


that is a horrible offer when are australian telco’s going to be fair and offer the aussie consumer reasonable packages in line with the rest of the world.


We’ll be offered the decent plans the rest of the world on 4G has now, when the rest of the world has moved to 8G, and we’re just starting the rollout of 7G.


Not really the best value.. I agree with some of the comments I’ve seen elsewhere; their prepaid offers are significantly more impressive than the SIM only plans..

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What networks offer better sim only plans? I’m genuinely curious. Non optus networks I mean.


Boost Mobile, (Telstra Network) prepaid $40 30 days, unlimited calls+SMS and 2.5GB data. Access to Telstra’s full 3G network (not 4G). Though Telsra’s real world 3G speeds are quite good.

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Mmmmm quite nice actually.