Acer has been building projectors and electronics for a long while now and for a mere US$999 (plus associated shipping costs from America) you could be the proud owner of a lovely little projector launched by Acer.

The Acer H7550ST short throw projector not only delivers a full HD display up to 300-inches, or 100″ at 1.5 metres, but also provides DTS Sound™ through the internal speakers. The projector also includes wireless technology such as WiHD to transmit Full HD and 24P 3D conent wirelessly and Bluetooth to connect to wireless surround sound systems. But possibly one of the more eye-catching features is the little hide away nook for your Chromecast (or other HDMI transmission receiving devices, whatever they may be) inside the casing of the projector.

The sound isn’t going to blow anyone away, sporting only 2 x 10 watt speakers its clearly intended to be used as a corporate/boardroom presentation device if you’re utilising this feature but the 1080p video with 3D capability is going to interest users who may be looking to upgrade their existing home theater systems.


Availability in the Australian market hasn’t been announced, but we have reached out to Acer Australia to see if they can confirm dates and pricing.

If you could have one wish/dream device released at CES 2015 what would it be?

Source: PR Web.
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Only major connector missing from the back of that device is DVI.
What’s got me curious is the RS232 connector. Wonder what that would be needed for these days?

Phil Tann

People use DVI? o.O

Darren Ferguson

I use DVI on my home PC. Works fine and no reason to change now.


It’s not so much that they would buy stuff now with DVI out, Phil, it’s that they might still have and use stuff with DVI out. So the lack of a DVI in on that projector could be a problem.

The video card in my current desktop PC (a mid 2009 general purpose XP/Vista/7 build) has 2 DVI outputs. To get HDMI, I have to use a DVI to HDMI adaptor.


I think you just answered your own question… No DVI as you can use a DVI 2 HDMI adapter that only cost a couple of dollars. DVI is dead! HDMI for the win!


You are assuming that everyone who has a DVI out device would have, or want to have, a DVI to HDMI adaptor.
That is an inaccurate assumption on your part.


Oh Jeni…. seriously?. Your comment was it doesn’t have a DVI port. DVI is dead, deal with it. If you want to buy a NEW projector and it doesn’t have a DVI port, then spend the few dollars on a adapter or hell if you don’t like the adapter, then buy a DVI to HDMI cable. No adapter required.

So stop trolling, as I said, you answered your OWN question…. You said “To get HDMI, I have to use a DVI to HDMI adaptor.” So yeah you already new the answer before you even posted the question.

Stephen Reeves

RS232 is used for industry standard remote control (ie AMX control panels)