ASUS ZenFone 2
Alongside the Asus Zenfone Zoom they announced this morning, Asus has also announced a follow-up to their original Zenfone, announcing the imaginatively named Zenfone 2. The Zenfone 2 is a great looking smartphone, which sets the stage in a number of areas, incorporating an Intel 64-bit Atom processor and an amazingly large 4GB of RAM.

The big story is the powerful internals on the Zenfone 2, which includes a 2.3GHz 64-bit Intel Atom processor with 4GB RAM. The Zenfone 2 includes a 5.5″ Full HD IPS display with an amazingly dense 403ppi. The Zenfone 2 also includes a 13MP PixelMaster camera with an f/2.0 wide-aperture lens for the rear camera, as well as including a 5MP front-facing camera.

The phone comes in a curved case design, with rear mounted volume rocker sitting on the back of the phone. The Zenfone 2 includes a brushed metal look, and Asus’ familiar concentric circle design. The phone with the thinnest part of the phone measuring in at just 3.9mm thin.When it hits the market, the phone will come in Osmium Black, Sheer Gold, Glacier Gray, Glamor Red and Ceramic White.
ASUS ZenFone 2 color line up 2

The Asus ‘ZenUI’ software for the Zenfone series has also been updated, with Asus concentrating on three things for the new update: Freedom, connection, and expression. There’s new layers within the software, with Asus advising the main components of the update include:

• ZenMotion is a collection of intuitive touch gestures, each providing a new way of interacting with ZenUI, and allowing quick and easy access to frequently-used features such as One Hand mode or Do It Later.

• SnapView is a security feature that ensures privacy for apps, photos, and files. SnapView lets users easily keep their personal and business information separate.

• Trend Micro security is integrated with the ZenUI browser for the total mobile web browsing security.

• ZenUI Instant Updates is a seamless new method of keeping ZenUI apps up to date. With ZenUI Instant Updates, ASUS app developers can make updates available immediately, avoiding delays between app releases and ensuring the best experience for ZenFone 2 users.

Brand New ZenUI

While Asus hasn’t yet officially released their ‘Zenfone’ phones in Australia, Asus has today advised that they will be bringing them to our shores. Asus have advised :

The ZenFone 2 and ZenFone Zoom will likely be launched in Australia later in 2015, however we have no information at this time on pricing or availability.

We can’t wait to see what Asus has to offer in their phones, we’ll have more information on release in Australia when it’s available.

Source: Asus.
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Andrew White

Buyers be aware. I have ordered the 2 GB of ram version for $289 and guess what there are 2 versions of this. One with a 1080p display and the other with a 720p. For the dollars I’m paying it should be the higher resolution version because in the US it sells for $199 retail. Not happy with Asus or the local on-line supplier.
Can’t wait for LG’s G4 to be released.. hopefully late May.

Andrew White

Later this year is simply too late for the sake of saving 2-300 dollars. There will be other 64 bit smartphones out there offering more features and soon by all accounts.
The downward slide of the Australian dollar is further adding to the cost of ‘cheap’ on-line purchases.
Asus really needs to sell the 4GB version directly to consumers worldwide for US$399 ( price quoted on another site) and soon if it wants to make any impact.




With US pricing / availability stated as “Zenfone 2 starts at $199 and will be available in March, while the Zenfone Zoom will be available for $399 in Q2.” I would hope the price for the Zenfone 2 to stay under $400, with availability before the EOFY. If it’s later than that, they’re giving too much time for other manufacturers to swoop in with their equivalents.

Aside from that, it looks like a nice phone, good specs, and aesthetically pleasing.


US$199 converts to around A$250 so hopefully pricing will be closer to A$300 than A$400. Wow, the original was a budget phone competitor for the likes of Moto G but the spec bump here takes it to a whole new level. Could be the best value deal since the Nexus 4 and 5. Flagship worthy specs for less than half the price.


*This* could be interesting. Looks well built and finally someone putting the 64bit memory accessibility to good use. Never used the Asus launcher tho. Any good?