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The Ausdroid Team is standing by for Samsung’s CES 2015 press conference, and we’ll be live blogging it for you. Keep up to date with the latest on this page. We haven’t heard rumours of new phones, just yet, but there’s the possibility of something fun being announced. Watch with us below, and keep up with the live blog for the latest commentary.

We’re not expecting a lot of Android news, so join us as we wait with bated breath to see if they announce anything exciting for us!

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Steve Offer

How much does Samsung have to pay Google when they use android on a Samsung device?


From my basic understanding they are really pushing Tizen, fine by me I just won’t buy any Samsung products that have an OS built in. They have not sown me why their OS is superior to Android so time to move onto a new vendor. Competition is brilliant like that, great options when another company loses the plot.


Well this makes things clear that as far as Major Consumer Electronics goes, Samsung is crApple mk 2

Wonder how long it’ll be, before they start doing Tizen/TouchWiz firmware updates for the Galaxy line of smartphones, to completely remove Android from their entire consumer electronics ecosystem?


Being negative again Jeni….


You’re not the only one wondering that Jeni.


I have always thought that the reason why Touchwiz is so heavy handed, is because Samsung are looking to one day break away from Android and use Tizen or similar. Because Touchwiz is so over the top – the average consumer wouldn’t notice if it runs on Android or Tizen, and probably wouldn’t care if Tizen had Play Store compatibility.