We’ve heard rumours about a stainless steel band for the Sony SmartWatch 3 for a while now, and it seems Sony’s finally ready to take the wraps off the product.

Looking not unlike some leaked shots we saw back in October, Sony’s confirming that the new edition of the watch will be coming in February 2015 — presumably this is for the US market, though a local release shouldn’t be too far behind (indeed, Sony’s even talked about it at local events).


Currently unknown? Whether we’ll see the stainless steel band sold separately. We’ve made our feelings on this known to Sony already, and we’re hoping the company doesn’t punish early adopters of their watch by making them buy a whole new one just to get the hot new band.

Mike Fasulo also threw in a mention at the end of the company’s CES presentation that they’ll be launching an adapter allowing you to use any watch band with the Smartwatch 3. Properly executed, this should answer some of the criticisms over band design for the watch.

Update: Disappoint. In the post-show Q&A it’s been confirmed that the stainless steel Smartwatch 3 will only be available “in kit form” (ie, a whole new watch) and they’ll look at making it an “optional accessory” later. Hope you didn’t buy your watch yet if you want the shiny new model!

Does the stainless steel edition of the Smartwatch 3 interest you? Tell us in the comments!

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Jonathan Rodrigues

I was sooooooo hoping the band would be sold separately. Wow…. Way to punish your early adopters.


Annoying that it won’t be available separately immediately, though to be fair I care more about the band that will allow 24mm watch bands to be fitted to it.

Joshua Hill

Disappointing for early adopters. Sony make some good gear, I’ve owned their stuff in the past and my current phone is a Sony but they’re a hard company to like.

David Anderton

hope it is more rugged(swim proof)


Yeah, kinda want that.