Android TV had a good day yesterday, with both Sony announcing their Bravia lineup and Sharp announcing their Aquos TVs which featured Android TV running the Smart TV component underneath. Google has acknowledged both these launches – as well as releases from TP Vision – and a gaming console from Razer, which features Android TV, on their blog.

Looking further into the future though, Google has advised that Huawei will also be joining the Android TV lineup, advising :

Huawei is also working on an Android TV streaming media player that will be ready later this year.

Huawei has been dabbling in media players for some time now, showing off their MediaQ media streamer during their Connected Home roadshow in 2013. While Huawei didn’t release the MediaQ here in Australia, we’d love to see what they have to offer.

Source: Official Android Blog.
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The Razor is interesting. Its the big question though SD 805 is 32 bit, how long will it be “current” I;’d expect upto 4 years out of a gaming settop box, and Im not sure this would deliver. also 16gm storage, really I mean com on.; so what I have to attache external storage and then put up with that clunky system

Daniel Tyson

Yeah. Hoping the SD 805 will be a better proposition than the Intel Atom processor in the Nexus player. A number of people are saying that there’s chuggy play back on the Nexus player where as I don’t see it on the Tegra 4 on the ADT-1. My Nexus Player has just arrived at ComGateway so i`ll be able to compare shortly.

Razer sounds interesting, the 16GB of storage is a problem. Install 10 Gameloft games at 1-2GB a pop and you’re in a LOT of trouble


Let’s face it 16 gb is 11 gb of usable space, so put xbmc, plex and a few other must haves on and now you have 8 gb for games. Drop KTOR and xcom which are the 2 biggest reasons I want to try ATV and you have no space left.

Why are android oems always lowballing storage?


To keep the 99$ or less price.

I guess we need a device with microsd support and the ability to install/run apps from that.

Glad to see we’re seeing at least 1 or 2 AndroidTV boxes announce, though really I’m a bit disappointed. I figured we see more.