pioneer autoPioneer is also keen to jump on Android Auto, announcing overnight at CES 2015 that it will offer head units for existing cars from March 2015. In particular, Pioneer has announced that it will sell three models of its Networked Entertainment Experience (NEX) in-dash multimedia receivers with Android Auto support in the next couple of months, allowing car owners to upgrade their stereo instead of buying a whole new car.

They’re not likely to be cheap, though, with US prices estimated between $700 for the base model and $1,400 for the top of the range. Pioneer has said:

Pioneer’s Android Auto compatible units feature high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen displays (capacitive on the AVIC-8100NEX and clear resistive on the AVIC-7100NEX and AVH-4100NEX), an included external microphone for high quality hands free calling and voice control, and a wired remote input used for optional integration with factory installed steering wheel audio controls.

Source: Pioneer.
Via: Android Central.
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    Resistive touchscreen, unless you pay $1400 !!

    They’re not really serious, are they?

    Oh, and Kenwood released something, but wouldn’t say how much.

    If its delivering Android Auto then the phone is doing the heavy lifting, so the unit should be *cheaper* than an equivalent all up unit. A class T amp can be had for $30, so what exactly is so expensive about a head unit?


    That’s in $USD.
    That $1400 USD is currently $1734.04 AUD.
    Allowing for the usual lag between CES paper launches, and the goods being available in store, expect the price to increase a bit. And then during that time, watch the $AUD weaken more against the $USD, so the price we’ll be slugged for, if it actually becomes available in store here, will be worse. A resulting $2000 AUD RRP here would not be a surprise to see.


    Yeah that’s a joke. People can already go and buy a $200 – $300 tablet and stick it in their car. This should be $500 tops and resistive touch shouldn’t even be a thing any more.

    EDIT: I’ll likely be buying a new or second hand car that wont come with Android Auto so I’m quite interested in a good affordable head unit.