This afternoon, spotted on the wrist of one Jason Murray, was a Moto 360, with something you probably haven’t seen on a Moto 360 just yet; a stainless steel wrist band!

When Motorola’s first Android Wear device the Moto 360 launched in Australia late in 2014, the option available was a leather band, and while it was (and is) quite comfortable, the leather can wear a little, and leather doesn’t work nicely with everyone’s skin, and it doesn’t look top shelf for every occasion. Sometimes you want to make a bit more of an impression, or look a bit dressier, and for that, there’s a stainless steel band headed to Australian shores soon.

We don’t have an official word from Motorola on exactly when we’ll see these steel bands in Australia just yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll come right back to you.

What we do know is that Motorola is selling these bands in the US for just shy of $USD 80, so we could be looking at around $100 – $105 in Australia, factoring in currency conversion and GST. We have been told in the past that Motorola would be selling the Moto 360 with a stainless steel band in the box for $359 AUD (compared to about $328 for the leather band option), so hopefully that won’t be far away either.

Let’s hope that Motorola get these bands out here soon, because I can think of at least a few Moto 360 owners who’ll be salivating at that picture already.


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I just tried to buy a steel band from Motorolla in the USA. I thought I was being smart by having it directed to my Shop Mate (Au Post) USA address, but shortly after the order was processed I got an email saying there was a problem with the order and to call them. When I called they said they do not ship to postage forwarding addresses and they will not ship internationally. How did Jason Murray get one? Did he go to USA or have friend there?

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Not at $100 I won’t be. It is a standard size band, an ebay search will certainly find good options for much less.

Ben Liu

Google “Moto 360 crack” and read why it is not recommended to just take “any old (steel) band” to use on the Moto 360. This is very common issue due to the design of the bottom plate. The official band should have a rounded first link to stop it cracking.


I’ve only ever had the stock leather band, and it did not take long for the cracks to appear on the back. It’s not just the ‘alternate’ steel bands that cause the problem.