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Around CES 2015 and MWC 2015 the phone rumours come thick and fast and Samsung, known to be something of a sieve with information that could (or should) be kept internal are often leading the charge with information getting out.

First there was the yet to be confirmed rumour that Samsung are showing the Galaxy S6 to selected partners at CES 2015 and the rumour on Phone Arena that Samsung have accidentally outed the S6 in a YouTube video showing how to install and setup My Knox.

Now, via SamMobile, we see that a possible Galaxy S6 variant, the SM-G925F has landed in India for some testing. The link shows that the price is going to be around the US$710 mark, just shy of $880 Australian dollars for a dual rounded edge device: Could this be the Galaxy S6 Edge that’s been rumoured?


What would be the killer feature that you need to see on a Galaxy S6 Edge to put it on your must have list?

Source: ZaubaNowhereelsePhone Arena.
Via: SamMobile.
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I don’t think I’ll get the S6. I have had the original Galaxy, S3, S4 LTE, S5 and the note 4. I’m thinking this time around I may give another phone maker a try. Although the phone are better than the previous version they still look very similar and that’s what I want to change (the look) not the features as I can do this by downloading software or new ROM.


I won’t be getting one, but I love how small the bezels are. Maybe a 5.5 inch screen in the same size body as s5?


the killer feature, Nothing, no bloat, no skinning, no gimmicks, just a truly great smartphone.
5.0″, FHD, SnapD 810, RAM, great camera QI charging…..

there’s no point continuing as Samsung will not bring anything close to what I would buy to market, and no I’m not flashing my phone anymore, regardless of how close they might get the hardware. In Sony I hope.

Terrence Chin

You just described the Nexus 5 with upgraded soc.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

To be fair, Nexus devices can be considered bloatware phones. I don’t use about 90% of the Google services but I can’t get rid of those.


Well everything is bloatware then, isn’t it ? Except for the dialer app.


Nup, dialer is bloat!


Then apples apps on iphone are bloat too.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yeah. Pretty much.


I’d be more then happy with an upgraded n5 hopefully the camera would be majorly improved. I miss my n5 ;(

Joshua Hill

Lol, Sony have the best battery life on their flagship Xperia devices by far. Nexus devices have very poor battery life and questionable camera quality. Totally not what was described.


Sony has a lot of bloat too you know, with all their Sony apps, they even put in an antivirus on my Z2 tablet after the latest update


Yes, I know, but they are my best hope For meeting my hardware desires, after that it’s nova, SwiftKey etc. Then disable disable disable.


and delayed as fuck updates with sony. Removing bloat and skin gives you faster updates. Oh and not a continuing operating loss so you have money to spend on updates…


You’re anti-bloat, and you hope Sony will help you? Please…