Sharp UH30
After announcing their new line of Sharp AQUOS televisions supporting Android TV at CES the other day, we reached out to Sharp Australia to find out their plans for Australia. Today, Sharp Australia has confirmed that they intend to launch at least one of the two models announced at CES but are unable to confirm which model. They have no pricing or availability information as yet either, but did advise it would be ‘later this year’.

The two AQUOS models that Sharp announced with Android TV compatibility are the UE30 and UH30 – with the UE30 ranging in size from 60″ to 80″ and price from US$1999.99 to US$5,399.99, while the higher end UH30 model comes in 70″ and 80″ with THX certification (THX certification pending 70”) and priced at US$3,199.99 for the 70″ and US$5,399.99 for the 80″ model.

We’ll be speaking with Sharp as the year progresses and can’t wait to see whichever model that Sharp intend to bring to our shores.