VLC has to be one of, if not the choice of media players for a majority of users out there. They cover pretty much all operating systems; Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, iOS, Android and now they’re spreading their wings into the realm of Android TV.

Still currently listed as a preview version (this means that it’s pre-beta, if you’re not prepared to put up with some instabilities and missing/buggy functions do NOT download this software), the VLC for Android TV is only capable of local media playback, but the first look given by Gigaom is pretty good.

There are plans to bring all of the expected functionality that users currently enjoy on desktop and mobile version to the Android TV Version. Features such as network and streaming playback will be included, and the preview version even integrates with the built in voice search and content gallery on Nexus Players.

If you’ve got an Android TV device and are feeling adventurous, check out the link in the tweet below.

For a preview version, VLC have made a great start to their Android TV efforts. What would you like to see added to make it the killer app to have?

Source: Geoffrey Métais Twitter.
Via: Gigacom.