D-Link DWM-T100
If streaming video options in Australia haven’t quite been able to deliver what you want, D-Link has today announced the availability of their micro-USB based TV Tuner, complete with Android app.

Available for $49.95 from the D-Link online store plus $15 delivery, the DWM-T100 provides live Digital TV (DVB-T) on your Android device essentially anywhere you go, TV Signal permitting. The dongle comes with a loop antenna allowing you to move around and ‘get great reception on the go’, but for superior signal reception, where available, you can use the F-Type antenna convertor to hook up to your homes existing antenna.

The provided app – D-Link TV Tuner – which is available free in Google Play, provides drivers for the device, as well as a host of features. The app allows you access to a full Electronic Program Guide, Time-Shift recording with the ability to pause and rewind live TV and record on a schedule or on-demand and Automatic TV Channel search.

D-Link TV Tuner App

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

There is a minimum requirement for the TV-Tuner, with D-Link advising that a 1GHz Dual-Core processor with Android 4.0.3 or greater required to run it.

If you’ve been looking for a way to watch the cricket or the football on your tablet or phone while on the go, or even the latest episode of Bold and the Beautiful, then this is a great idea. We’ve got a review sample on the way and we’ll be checking it out shortly.

Source: D-Link.
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    Would it work on a microsoft surface rt?

    Chris Watson

    Mine arrived this week. It works perfectly! So far I’m very happy. Using on Sony Xperia Z1C


    This is REALLY awesome.


    sold out already…


    Where does it say it was sold out? Just ordered one just then…

    Sanctuary 2808

    I already have a TV tuner from Elgato for Android, just to let some in the comments know this isn’t new.

    Works great on my Nexus 7 2013 and Xperia Z2 Tablet.

    David Anderton

    Sweet, can’t wait to watch cricket and footy on my phone. Suck that Telstra and fuxtel.


    Appears to be a generic one rebranded. I saw this in an Altronics magazine last year and the Android TV Box manufacturer, Geniatech also has the same one.


    To install the app, you have to have “Unknown Sources” activated – even though the app is from the Playstore. Is this a security concern?

    Daniel Tyson

    Er, no. Hang tight mate, I’ll investigate


    Hmmm he seems to be right Daniel, getting this error when installing from the play store. Seem the ‘download’ from the play store, goes off and installs another APK once its installed, this is what is being blocked!


    Yep, just asked D-Link for a refund as the app needed to run the TV Tuner is possibly Malware. The Play Store app re-directs you to an unknown 3rd party site to download goodness knows what sort of Trojan Horse app. This is surely against Play Store policy. A company such as D-Link should know better. I installed it anyway on my Nexus 7 that doesn’t have any banking apps on it – and now it has just disappeared from that device, though it is still in the background under Apps in settings. It is not on the home screen… Read more »


    Oh I’m 100% sure its against the google play store policies!!!

    If you notice this isn’t a D-Link published app, its published by a 3rd party. Looking at their other apps they are all tv tuners. So its just some china re-bagged product that dlink is selling. Bad D-Link!


    Uninstalled – turned off “Unknown Sources” and seeking a refund.


    Hi Phil! Thanks for the link, but that’s the one that I’ve installed. It won’t install unless you have “Unknown Sources” activated. Rather odd considering the app is from the Playstore. It asked for this for both my N5 and N7. And if you de-activate “Unknown Sources” after install, the app disappears from my android devices.

    All rather strange behaviour from a trusted brand like D-Link. Not to worry though, I’ve still installed the app and have the TV tuner ordered, I’ll just keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour.


    Could possibly do with its own microUSB port to allow for charging your phone at the same time. I know these USB dongles get hot so I am guessing that it will drink your battery.


    Would be interesting to see what the reception is like with the loop antennae. I suspect it would be nearly unusable but I’ve never seen one that shape, so maybe the tech has improved! 🙂


    Bloody unreal. Ordered! The recording function looks neat – I can see recording programs at night to watch the next day travelling to work.

    Here’s a list of known devices that this works on – your device needs to support USB Host Mode. D-Link says that this list is not exhaustive – just what they have tested it with thus far:


    Google: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10

    HTC: One, One (M8) (Android 4.1.1 or later)

    Samsung Galaxy: Note, Note II, Note 3, S II, S III, S4, S5, Tab 3 8.0, Tab S 8.4


    This is actually rather awesome. Could imagine watching a bit of TV on the train on a Nexus 7. Possibly not as useful around the house though (and I couldn’t imagine plugging in a fixed aerial).


    Why not, Andrew?
    Plug the tuner into your device, set up your device beside your notebook or desktop, and plug the areial into the tuner.
    Watch the TV without needing to switch between apps on the PC.


    TV aerials aren’t usually positioned in the best of places and they’re not the nicest of cables. Wouldn’t want one of those trailing around the house. If there was one behind my computer desk then possibly, but I’d probably not want to hassle with the (un)plugging.


    No problems.
    My place, I use a USB tuner in the front of my computer as the TV, so the aerial cable is always in reach.


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    vijay alapati

    wow…..More perfect for a tablet rather than a phone. Now i no longer have to worry abt buying a TV in my bedroom

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    There’s almost no good content on TV these days anyway. Even my favourite channel ABC has been lacking.