HTC One M8 and Mini 2HTC is likely to reveal its 2015 flagship phone at MWC 2015, and that really isn’t much of a secret, with invites going around to press in the last week or so. However, some more details have come to light thanks to Bloomberg in the US, and it won’t just be a phone; HTC is rumoured to be unveiling its first smartwatch as well.

Bloomberg reports that the unnamed device (safely dubbed the M9) will contain that rumoured 20MP camera as well as an Ultrapixel front-facing camera. In terms of size and style, we’re told it will be resemble the One (M8), with gray, gold, and silver colours available.

Internally, the One (M9) will feature a Snapdragon 810 CPU with eight cores, and Dolby audio technology. The source cites 5.1 technology, but in a phone that has but two speakers, that claim seems a bit unusual. Surprisingly, the rumour lacks details on the actual screen size, but it’s difficult to conceive that HTC would jump all the way to six inches as some other handsets have done. Somewhere in the 5″ range seems probable.

HTC’s deal with Under Armour will feature in their new smartwatch as well, with the watch rumoured to include Under Armour’s technology in some way. There’s no more word about what this smartwatch might involve.

Source: Bloomberg.
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Darren Ferguson

Initial Android Wear OEM.
No, we are not making a watch.
Watch announcement incoming!

Amit Govind

Upleaks now says the android wear device is not going to be released however.


It looks like the wearable device will actually be some kind of fitness tracker, which makes more sense considering it was made in partnership with UnderArmour.