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Sundance - Cardboard
The Sundance Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. Since its beginning in 1978, a number of movies have gone on to become mainstream classics, including Super Troopers, Clerks, Reservoir Dogs and (500) Days of Summer. It’s become a little more mainstream these days with tech companies attending to show off new trends in film making and consumption, and so it’s no surprise that Google has taken their VR headset ‘Cardboard’, to the festival.

Google is showing off Cardboard to what they hope is a new and receptive audience looking for new ways to experience movies. To show it of, they’re offering two official Sundance selections through Google Play for you to enjoy with Cardboard: VRSE and Kaiju Fury.

VRSE, or Evolution of Verse, is a production from Chris Milk, who worked with visual effects studio Digital Domain and virtual reality production company VRSE.works. VRSE is a ‘photo-realistic CGI-rendered 3-D virtual reality film that takes the viewer on a journey from beginning to new beginning’.

Kaiju Fury is a more action oriented affair from writer/director Ian Hunger and produced by Jaunt, The Stan WInston School of Character Arts and New Deal Studios. Kaiju Fury puts you at ‘ground zero during a devastating attack by two towering creatures’.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Both titles are available, alongside other Cardboard apps on Google Play. on Google Play now – but you can view them with or without cardboard.

If you don’t have Cardboard yet, well, you should. Cardboard an insanely cheap product to acquire, in fact you can grab them from Chinese distributors like Deal Extreme for around $5 including delivery, but it can take a few weeks to arrive. If you want it a little quicker and are willing to pay a little more, Gadgets4Geeks have it for around $20.

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    VRSE not available in Australia?