Back in the old days, before they sold out to Facebook, Instagram was a common staple of everyone’s Twitter feed. The embedded cards would show the Instagram pic without having to leave the Twitter webpage. Then Facebook decided to turn off Twitter card support, meaning you had to open links in Instagram tweets to view them. But with this Chrome Extension, you can bring them back to your web feed.

InstaTwit is the work of developer Bacon Season and it’s deliciously simple to install. Head on over to the Chrome Web Store and add it, that’s it, you’re done. The results should be fairly easy to see after a quick refresh of your Twitter tab.

It’s a simple extension, but if you have feedback, the developer encourages you to tweet feedback to him @BaconSeason. Oh, and if you’re not following Ausdroid on Instagram, head on over and give us a follow.

Source: Chrome WebStore.
Via: OMGChrome.