sony_logoSomewhat disappointing news this morning is that Sony Corp plans to cut another 1,000 jobs from its smartphone division, with the job losses primarily to occur in Europe and China.

It’s reported that these losses are in addition to the 1,000 jobs which were identified in October last year. In total, Sony’s mobile division workforce will shrink by about 30%, to 5,000, by the end of the company’s financial year ending March 2016.

It’s sad, but perhaps not surprising, but Sony is facing increased competition from a number of angles; Chinese manufacturers are making increasingly popular phones, plus there’s the ever-present competition from other Android heavyweights like LG, Samsung and HTC. Sony do, still, produce a great product — I personally am rather enjoying their Xperia Z3 — but how they remain competitive in such a market is going to be a bit of a challenge.


Source: Reuters.
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vijay alapati

my first flagship phone was xperia Z, but was disappointed with lack of hardware support and poor viewing angles. Broke the LCD screen and was asked to spent $250 just for the screen by SONY. will never repeat mistake again 🙁


Its Sony’s attitude that is to blame. They have a very good products but its the way the company is being led. customers vote with their purchases. and the way Sony has been handling the controversy last year didn’t portray them in a good light. Customers don’t like arrogances Look at Apple, Samsung two of the worlds biggest mobile phone manufacturers they are loosing because of the arrogances in the way they treat their customer’s. if you don’t like our products then don’t buy it. is not good marketing both of these companies have treated their customers poorly in the… Read more »


They need to invest more in their marketing departments. They have an awesome product with great features, both software and hardware wise… But no one knows about it lol