Google has announced via its blog that the Stable Channel for ChromeOS has been updated to Platform version: 6457.83.0 (40.0.2214.93) bringing along a few bug fixes, security updates, and feature enhancements.

Google has outlined the major features of the update in the blog announcing :

  • The default wallpaper has been updated to Material Design
  • Custom wallpapers are now synced across your devices
  • Emoji palette allows users to quickly access emoji

The Emoji palette is of course present using the on-screen keyboard (found in accessibility settings), but without a touchscreen Chromebook (Pixel, Acer C720P etc.) you won’t find much use for this particular update.

The updates will be streamed to your Chromebook automatically, but to check for updates, go to Settings > About ChromeOS and select ‘Check for and Apply Updates’. Google have also stated that if users find any new issues with the new update, to head over to the Google product forums page or simply file a bug report by clicking here.

Source: Google Chrome Releases Blog.