The Series 5 Android Mini’s are set to go on-sale in the coming weeks, with artist and driving force behind the vinyl figures, today showing off a preview of two figures from the upcoming series.

To start with, in honour of the so-called Panda Nexus is the Android Mini Panda. Designed by the folks at Google who obviously have a sense of humour about their black/white colour choices for the majority of the Nexus phones so far. The Panda is a cute little guy with a love heart shaped patch on the front and a bare white bottom on the back. Don’t worry about rarity though, because unlike in the wild, this guy will be ultra-common with a ratio of 2 in every box of 16.

Next up is Sk8 Cop, previously shown off in a teased with the Android Christmas ornaments last year, Sk8 Cop is designed by artist Gary Ham. Sk8 Cop will be a rarer breed than the Panda, with only 1 in every box of 16. He’ll also come with a sheet of little stickers to attach to the skate board accessory that comes along for the ride.

The next design is from artist Reactor-88 a.k.a. Ryan Crippen, he’s added a sweet design called Totem, which from the looks of it, you can tell why. Totem will be just as rare as Sk8 Cop, making an appearance only once in every box of 16.

Designed by Andrew Bell, the man behind the entire Android Mini series, Hello World! is a little robot who’s ‘wired for love… but programmed for disappointment’. Hello World! will also appear only once in every box of sixteen.

Winter is Coming seems to be the catchphrase these days, and UK based artist Lunabee has stuck with it creating her “Ice in my Belly” dragon design. Apparently there will be a second dragon possibly called ‘Fire in my Belly’ from Lunabee which we might see further down the track. Again this will be a slightly rarer Android mini with a 1/16 ratio.

If a jolly hearty Android ye seek then the Sturnbrau from Jon Paul Kaiser is the droid you’re looking for. Available in a 1/16 ratio, the Sturnbrau will be popular.

Following on from his mirror finish Red, Green Androids over the last couple of years, Andrew has also included a straight up Chrome version in Series 5. There’s been a custom Chrome Android based on the DIY figure available from Germany for a while now, but if you want it straight from the source, then here’s your chance. There will be a single Chrome Android in every box of sixteen.

The latest Android Series 5 mini being previewed is Skeledroid by artist Scott Tolleson, who has been supplying hand-painted custom Android skull designs for a while. The release of Skeledroid in Series 5 makes him now official and you’ll find one Skeledroid in each box of 16.

Another figure which will appear once in every box is Hoops Fanatic from Android mini artist Gary Ham. Hambell comes with his own over-sized novelty finger.

There’s more previews still coming and we’ll bring them to you as they arrive. The Series 5 Mini Android sets go on-sale in the Dead Zebra online store next week with stock going out to international retailers in the next week or two.

The official Australian supplier – PopCultcha in Melbourne – has so far not been able to confirm whether they’ll be selling the Android Series 5 figures but we hope to update you on that front soon. You could give them a call on 1300 586 291 and ask for yourself perhaps a bit of show of support may help.

Source: Dead Zebra Blog.