Google has been running Google Now with an iron fist for some time, but this morning they’ve announced that they’ve begun integrating cards from over 30 third party apps into Google Now. This new integration will allow these developers to push cards to Google Now to show off information relevant to you.

Google Now - Third Party Cards

There’s a wide range of third party apps included here, including Pandora, Lyft and AirBNB. There’s fourty developers included in this initial rollout which will deliver cards with different information. According to Google this information will integrate just like Google Now always has, and help in your day-to-day life, for example :

In the morning, catch up on news of the day with cards from The Guardian. On your commute, Pandora can give you recommendations for music to play, based on what you like, or you can be reminded to complete your daily French lesson on Duolingo. During your downtime, you can take care of the groceries, with a card from Instacart reminding you to stock up on the things you often order. If you’re planning a trip and looked up places to stay on your Airbnb app but couldn’t make up your mind, you’ll see Now cards from Airbnb for the location and dates you’ve researched. And when you land at an airport, you’ll see a card to order a Lyft.

If you’re interested, you can see the complete range of new apps included in the rollout here, but you’ll have to wait for the updated Google app to be able to take advantage of it. The Google app should begin rolling out to Android users today, so keep an eye out.

Source: Google Inside Search.
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    Newcastle Flyer

    In other words, a whole lot of cheap advertising for apps and things you really weren’t interested in to clutter up your device.

    Benjamen Meiers

    Apps of which you personally chose to install.

    Hayden Coonan

    Any chance you’ll take them to task for the fact that we still don’t have any Australian sport in the sports section? AFL season approaches, surely it can’t be that hard… 😉

    Daniel Tyson

    We’ve asked them previously about AFL, Netball, A-League and a number of other Australian sports, but Google has nothing to announce at this time.

    Hayden Coonan

    They’re still trying to geolocate Australia?

    If only someone made a maps program of the whole world…


    Can’t help bit think the headline is not entirely accurate … “but you’ll have to wait for the updated Google app to be able to take advantage of it.”

    Darren Ferguson

    The headline itself mentions the update. It’s out today for the first batch of users.