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We’ve received quite an avalanche of tips pointing us to a recent post on Android Authority advising that the Lollipop update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 has begun rolling out here, but we’re sad to say it’s not here yet.

The article advises that ‘Marcus’ woke up yesterday to a notification to update his Galaxy S5 from Android 4.4.2 to Android 5.0 – a very welcome notification. What seems to have taken place is that Marcus is using a grey import Galaxy S5 in Australia. A quick look at the released firmware list for the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900I on the SamMobile Firmware page shows that only the Taiwanese model has received the update with the Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and retail model still remaining on Android 4.4.2.

SamMobile GS5 Firmwares page

The Android 5.0 update for the Galaxy S5 is expected to begin rolling out soon – but it’s not coming yet. The software update pages for Optus, Telstra and Vodafone unfortunately don’t even show the Android 5.0 software received for testing as yet.

We’re very excited to see the Android 5.0 update for any phone beginning to rollout so if you do wake up to an alert please let us know. Oh, and if you know Marcus Locke then please let him know we’d love to confirm the origin of his phone.

Source: Android AuthoritySamMobile Firmwares.
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i got it at 10am 6/6/15 us s5


Got my update this morning. Had to reflash a copy of stock 4.4.2 to get it to work. My phone was so hacked up even kies 3 didn’t know what to do. It worked over OTA once the original recovery etc were restored. It’s only 5.0 hope it’s a stable version.


There are third world war zones that get updates faster than Australia. Have Samsung just forgotten about us? Now that there are point releases, surely we’ll get something soon… surely… Krusty is coming, Krusty is coming


I will never buy another Samsung or Android again.. SGS5.. Cheap rubbish.. the flap has broken already on the bottom (not a scratch on the actual phone) and Ive been waiting for this Lollipop to make the phone a bit less ugly to use.. nothing yet and its April.. Im never leaving Apple again!


Oh boohoo child. Why are you even looking at this site as it is android related. You are a first class idiot if you believe all phones are the same. Off you go, get another boring apple wanna be a real phone. Good luck with that.

It's the Aussie way

Hold on to your panties ladies… have a beer and chillax… we are aussies… you have a working phone.. meanwhile the yanks have been reporting issues with the 5.0 release… we might skip it and get a more stable version


I just got the update today, although I do have an s5 from singapore


My bet is that they it won’t be released until the s6 comes out


I thought HTC was bad with updates so I switched over to Samsung which turns out they are just as terrible, After my contract runs out I never purchase a phone from those companies ever again.


shuttt uppppp

Brad Thomson

Both my Dad and Brother have the update but they got their S5’s from Kogan. Not sure where they came from. They were international. Probably Taiwan.

Peter Schaer

This is typical Samsung lags behind we all have to stop buying Samsung.


Samsung as a company is fine. Samsung Australia is pathetic… Even the US carriers are releasing the update, yet the open XSA Aussie version is nowhere to be seen.

On a different note as a good example is the MIA Gear Circle that was launched in the US when i was there thefirst week of November last year.

PsychicMiner 2025

If you think that a few days to weeks of lag is going to stop people from buying a very good phone you obviously have never
owned a Samsung


We all have to stop buying samsung? Really? Just because they’re a few months behind in delivering a phone update?

You can still use the phone yes? You can still do everything you need to with the phone yes? What new features of the new OS are really THAT important you’d stop buying from Samsung entirely? They’ll be glad not to have a customer like you.

TheBagging Man

If you want the update now just download odin and the update file from Tiawan, enable usb debugging and flash it! Cant brick your phone with this method providing you download correctly! Worst case senario you will have to manually change apn settings!
1.5 out of 10 degree of difficulty!


I did this with mine however a few major (ie rollback) problems. 1) It does not recognise any numbers against contacts. All my text messages simply showed the phone number, not the name of the person. 2) Google Play Music skips after 5 seconds on any song from All Access…songs that you own are fine, All Access skips (I logged a support request and they are aware of this issue). Rolling back to 4.4.2 caused the phone to hang and I needed to do a factory wipe and start from scratch. In other words, if you have an Aussie S5… Read more »


You are correct the contact named not showing. If you sync your contacts with google it will start showing names on contact. I will recommend to stay on 4.4.2 because 5.0 has too many bugs.


Delete your Google account from the phone and then re add it. Fixed the contacts issue for me


This here is why i’m glad we haven’t received it yet. There are still too many bugs. Glad we’re waiting a bit longer for those to be ironed out.


I did this too and i had my reception dropping in and out (mostly out and sometimes in) and no wifi and i am now back on 4.4.2


The status of the Carrier’s update websites is nothing to really go by. Optus was last updated 12/12 (so almost 2mths ago) and as for Telstra – somehow they don’t appear to be telling the whole story (or even the truth actually). Take the Galaxy S4: 22 Dec – Issue identified in late stages of testing will require a new FW submission to rectify. Samsung have slipped this submission to 9 January 2015. Then on 23 Jan – A new showstopper issue has been identified with the 9 January 2015 FW submission which will require another FW to rectify. Dates… Read more »

Daniel Tyson

Hi Tim,

We do actually talk to the carriers and their software updates teams too.


We are one of the first countries in the world to get the Galaxy S when it is officially released, but are one of the last countries to get updates. Whether, its Optus, Telstra , Vodafone or any one else . Google, or even Samsung this is not correct. The S6 will be out within 2 months. There is too much bloat ware in these updates. So I give notice to Samsung , Optus and Google I will have a look at the original ROM and if I’m not happy with it . I will root my phone as a… Read more »


It seems that Hong Kong/Taiwan tend to receive updates faster than other regions. That’s the case for LG’s G3, too. Grey imports are generally cheaper too, so it’s another good reason to purchase from places likeT-Dimension and DWI.