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Love your data? Need to call people overseas? Vodafone has got a great deal for you. Starting this weekend, Vodafone is offering free data and unlimited calls to their five most popular overseas destinations every weekend until the end of April.

Vodafone has removed data charges and standard international call charges to India, USA, UK, NZ and China (excludes Hong Kong) for customers who connect or recharge on the $30, $40 or $50 pre-paid Cap on weekends until the 26th of April. The move mirrors the Data Workout package that Vodafone gave to Postpaid customers 6 months ago, which helped them to understand their data usage, and Vodafone’s new Chief Marketing Officer Loo Fun Chee hopes this will do the same for pre-paid customers.

Ms Chee says of the offer ‘Many Prepaid customers have told us they love Vodafone 4G, our large data allowances and great deals on international calling. But they also told us they keep a close eye on their data usage as they’re unsure of how much data different activities and apps use. They’re worried it will use up all their credit’.

Vodafone has the capacity now to offer the data, after a few years re-building their network, Vodafone has some pretty decent coverage. The unlimited data offer on weekends has also been done previously, with Vodafone offering a weekend of unlimited data to customers last June to apologise for an outage. Customers ran with it, allowing Vodafone to set a record, transferring 590 terrabytes of data in two days, double their usual weekend data traffic.

While the offer is for unlimited, Vodafone does point to their ‘Fair Use policy‘ in the fine print. If you’re wanting to get in on this offer, you can head over to the Vodafone website, or into a Vodafone store to find out more information.

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Used 1GB and got shut down under ‘Fair Use’. Screw you vodafone…


I wish they would offer it to people on a plan as well 🙁 I moved house, and would love to have unlimited data this weekend.

Phill Edwards

Me too. I’m post paid every month so I’d like this too.


+1 I get frustrated seeing Voda coming out with all these great offers for pre-pay customers and wonder why I bother committing to a contact.