$6 Credit
If you’ve purchased a Chromecast in Australia recently, it’s time to check your offers again, with Google again offering $6 of Google Play credit.

The offer for credit is intended to help you rent, or buy Video content from Google Play, and once you complete the process of claiming your credit you’ll be taken to a Google Play Chromecast focus called ‘Watch A Movie On Us‘, full of recent releases in Google Play Movies & TV. The offer is actually just for generic Google Play credit though, so you can use it for whatever you want.

To claim your $6 in credit, open the Chromecast app on your phone, select your device and then from the overflow menu (three dots) select ‘View Offers’. If you’re on desktop, ensure you’re on the same network and open chromecast.com/offers/ in your Chrome browser, ensuring you have the Google Cast extension installed, then follow the steps to select your Chromecast.

The Google Play support page shows that the promo is active from now until the 23rd of March, and you have to use your redeemed credit by the 5th of February 2017 or it will expire.

If you’re after other bargains, the offer for two months worth of Foxtel Presto service is still valid, as is the offer for the first X-Men movie and you can also pick up 90 days of Google Play Music All Access if you haven’t used it previously. Check them out and check back regularly for more offers.

Source: Chromecast Offers.
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    Just getting the play music trial that I’ve already had 🙁

    Adrian Trimarchi

    Same. The chromecast I bought from the US when it came out only has google play music


    Mine is also from the US, hmm

    Adrian Trimarchi

    Curse of the early adopters?

    Daniel Tyson

    I have two US based Chromecasts. Going to change my account to US and see if I can then claim the US $6 for each.

    Adrian Trimarchi

    Any luck?


    Could you manage to get this working Daniel?
    I too am stuck with just google play music, which I’ve already redeemed.
    I can’t even get x-men 🙁


    My two Chromecasts were picked up on the first day of launch and both just got the $6 [again]. I had no problems adding $12 to my Google Play account. This is the second time I’ve received the $6 offer.

    Thanks Google! 😉



    The offer seems to be for all Chromecasts, not just recently purchased. And as Dan has said, you get $6 of Play credit for use on anything.


    Used it last night to rent How to Train Your Dragon 2. Good movie. So many feels.

    Caleb Johns

    They’ve been doing this for a while now.

    Daniel Tyson

    Actually no. This is a new promotion, they’ve done this previously, but that promotion ended and this is a new one.