Be Together Not the Same
Google’s Be Together, Not the Same advertising campaign, which has been pushing Android the operating system as a product is pretty good. There’s been some neat concepts revolving around creations from their Androidify app, but this latest commercial has branched out a little to show some top-notch cuteness.

The minute long commercial shows different types of animals not only getting along, but in some cases getting on really well. There’s some absolutely beautiful animals in this commercial and it’s topped off with the Oo-De-Lally song from the 1973 Disney movie Robin Hood. Have a look and see what you think:

Source: Android YouTube.
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    I love this commercial. It entertains, it is happy, it represents a moral value, and sells a product. Four benefits in one minute. This will make me look at an android phone when my I-phone is ready for an update. I do not have to have the product shoved under my noise every 8 minutes to get the point. Thank yu for tresating me like a grown-up and enriching my life!


    That is the best commercial that I’ve seen in a long time. Hooray for Roger Miller.


    i don’t get the message. what are they trying to promote here. cute animals, terrible advertising.


    Your an idiot…Most commercials simply hock their products…Can’t
    remember what they were 5sec. later…This made me feel good and now
    even tho i’m not into electronics, I like Android…Like I said…YOUR
    AN IDIOT!!!


    So you don’t know what the message was either then I suppose? Still waiting to find out…. Why so angry?
    PS: You’re is spelled YOU’RE. So You’re not too bright yourself.



    Phil Tann

    Fine to have an opinion guys, we’re all adults but can we keep it to facts and not outright flaming/abuse of other community members please?


    By the way, didn’t you read what I said???I explained what it was about…You also missed the fact that I did not capitalize the “I”, ‘tho i’m not’…It is one thing to make a mistake and another to be an “IDIOT”… 🙂


    You’re not so smart yourself, bad grammar, just like the author (There’s…There ARE)


    There’s…There has.


    Ok, I love this as much as I do the Budweiser/Clydesdale commercials, which have always been my favorites! I kept rewinding this last night! It will be the one commercial (besides the Budweiser one just released) that I will not skip over while watching my DVR! Great job Android!


    What a wonderful commercial, I love it and Android got the message perfect


    What is the message?


    Are these comments legit? wut.


    This was boring, I felt spied by Google by watching it


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    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I remember the song from the animated film, Robinhood. One of my favorites that my daughter watched when she was little. Love Roger Miller. This is a GREAT Commercial…great job, Android!

    Lorees Guess

    Absolutely OUTSTANDING !!!! Finally a commercial that is inspiring.

    Lisa Beadle

    My absolute, hands down most favorite commercial ever and what a message!

    your past

    The whole commercial was a message to y’all, but no one was listening.

    Yianni soc

    love it! sums up android phones well 🙂


    I HATE commercials….. This one was pure entertainment however and the best thing I’ve seen in a very long time!!!

    Sherri Franklin

    I was WWr-Wr-Wrong…. not Hoyt Axton, but ROGER MILLER. “Oo De Lally”.


    This is the BEST commercial I’ve seen in decades !

    Holly Combs

    Actually has me considering giving up my iPhone.

    Maggie wagner

    Who sings on this commercial

    Lil Okie

    It sure sounds like Roger Miller, if you are old enough you might remember King of the Road?

    Lisa Palmer

    It’s him!

    Mark Helfand

    I certainly do. I was kicking myself bc I couldn’t remember his name. Thanks. Once you’ve heard Roger Miller’s twang, you never forget that he’s “a man of means by no means”


    Roger miller – oo de lalley

    Natalie Dee

    That was AWESOME! Really enjoyed it. Who says animals don’t have soul? If animals like that can get along, why not humans. I’ll remember this one!


    Humans can’t get along because some are taught to hate. Kids love *everybody*, until they get indoctrinated… 🙁


    I love it

    Dianna Alston

    I love this commercial ! It is just too cute and so sweet 🙂


    GREAT commercial! Super Bowl worthy – in fact, this commercial is far better than most that aired during the game!

    Ross Ferguson

    Totally agree. May be the best ever!