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The Nexus 6 Turbo Charger began showing up in retail boxes this week, which is great news if you’re picking one up new, but for those who jumped in early the question is ‘Where is my Turbo Charger’? The answer is, they’ll begin shipping next week.

It’s been a pretty rough ride with that 850mA charger through the last month and a half, but the wait is nearly over. We’ve spoken to Motorola who advised that stock of the Australian Electrical Standards compliant Motorola Turbo Charger have finally arrived, and they will begin shipping them out next week. This means you should have them fairly soon.

If you’ve purchased a Nexus 6 and didn’t receive a Turbo Charger, you’ll need to contact Motorola to organise for your charger to be received. To redeem your charger, you’ll need to either call Motorola on 1300138823 or head to and go to Support > Contact Us and send an email to customer service or chat with an online service rep. You’ll need your IMEI number (on your box, or go to Settings > About > Status) and you’ll be asked to email them a copy of your receipt to Motorola.

Nexus 6 owners will be glad to see the charger, but if Motorola is reading this, a little ‘something’ inside the box to make up for the inconvenience wouldn’t go astray either ;).

Let us know as soon as you receive your Nexus 6 Turbo Charger.

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Dennis Bareis

And Google play don’t give you much of a receipt either…


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Just a correction – The standard charger is rated in mA not mAh. mAh is a unit of energy, not power.