We may have our first look at exactly what Samsung has planned for its event at MWC 2015, with CNET publishing images said to be leaked from a South Korean electronics distributor. What we’re apparently looking at is five variants of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S6, including an Edge-styled version as well.

According to CNET, the five variants shown include a standard Galaxy S6 (to the left), and the second from left is the same phone with a Verus branded cover (popular in South Korea). The fourth and fifth phones are the interesting ones, showing that Samsung may indeed have an Edge-type Galaxy S6 in the offing. A closer look suggests this edge-screen may actually be on both sides; the fourth image shows a right-edge screen, whereas the fifth shows the edge on the left. Samsung either has a double-edged Galaxy S6 in the works, or one for left and right handed people.

We can’t tell too much more from these photos, but they certainly show an impressive looking phone, although the raised rim around the camera module is not a welcome inclusion. ZDNet is reporting Samsung insiders as saying that the Edge version of the Galaxy S6 will be dual-edged and the edged sides will be symmetrical. It will also use aluminium in its construction.

We’ll soon know. MWC 2015 is only a few weeks away now.

Source: CNet.
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Ugly as sh*t


Looks…..just like every other Galaxy phone. Wasn’t this one supposed to be the radical change that would shake up the Galaxy range?

Looks like Samsung have just phoned in another one of their generic designs.

Have to wait for MWC, but these leaks aren’t promising.


All rumors point to a metal frame, OIS camera and less bloatware. There’s not much you can do to improve the rectangle, but refreshing their software might net them some more sales. Especially if that means rolling out firmware updates is quicker (which would be a miracle for Samsung…)

Comme Ca?

Looks like it has a pretty big camera nipple


Chris, what would be a GoodThing, to solve the camera poking out further from the motherboard, and requiring the camera to poke out of the back of the phone?


They could put in a thicker, larger battery. So instead of being 7.2mm thick with a camera bulge and a 2400 mAh battery, it would be 8mm thick with no camera bulge and a 3200 mAh battery.